1 detention in video sharing in Taksim

One of the 3 people who showed the bag in their hands and spoke in Arabic on Istiklal Street, who acted in a way that would cause indignation in the society with their body language and shared it on social media, was detained.

According to the news of AA; In the statement made by the Istanbul Police Department, it was stated that the officers of the Fight Against Immigrant Smuggling and Border Gates Branch, in the video shared on their social media accounts, took actions in a manner that would cause indignation in the society with their body language, by showing the bags in their hands and speaking in Arabic on Taksim Istiklal Street. It was reported that an operation was initiated to catch the suspects identified and the suspect A.A was caught in the hotel where he stayed in Beyoğlu district.

When the social media accounts of the people in the video were examined, it was stated in the statement that they were seen sharing the video with the same images on another social media platform in the same place and with the same clothes on 6 November.

“Although the images created a sense of mocking the explosion on İstiklal Caddesi on 13.11.2022 and created outrage in the society, it was seen that the video was shared on 06.11.2022 before the explosion. Also, the person with the hat in the video was FR’s on 08.11.2022 and AO’ It has been understood that the people of our country departed from our country on 10.11.2022, therefore the video related to the explosion is not related to the known explosion.

In the statement, it was stated that the arrested suspect A.A. was referred to the judicial authorities and the investigation on the subject continues.

*The image of the news was served by DHA.

By Peter Kavinsky

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