2 fathers on child watch in Diyarbakir put ‘beds’ in front of HDP Building and started night watch

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Night watch by laying ‘beds’ in front of HDP Building

The ‘child watch’ in front of the HDP building by families whose children were kidnapped by the terrorist organization PKK in Diyarbakır has entered its 1117th day. The father in action, Celil Bektaş and Şadin Elhaman, laid a bed in front of the building and started the night watch.

Families whose children were abducted to the mountains by the terrorist organization PKK started a child watch in front of Diyarbakır HDP Provincial Directorate on September 3, 2019. The 1117th day of the vigil continued by 309 families alternately. To date, 38 families have reunited with their children. Father Celil Bektaş and Şadin Elhaman, from the families in action, laid out beds in front of the HDP Provincial Building and started the night watch.


Saying that Yusuf was taken from HDP Provincial Building when he was 16 in 2019, father Celil Bektaş said that his son joined the PKK from HDP Provincial Building. Bektaş said, “I can’t stand it anymore. We are at the end of the word. I can’t go home, what is my son doing? You sent your own child to Europe without being a soldier. Do you have no conscience. I will sit here without saying it’s cold and winter. I’m here because I can’t hear from my son. I can’t sleep on the bed while my son is lying on the ground. My conscience can’t take it anymore. I don’t have the strength to endure all of Turkey “I’m calling out to everyone. Let’s all come together, let’s get our child from the HDP,” he said.


Stating that his son Bayram, who disappeared at the age of 19 in 2017, was deceived through the HDP, Şadin Elhaman said, “I received his images and photographs. There I learned that he was inside the PKK. After hours, this is the solution. Let’s wait here so that we can hear from our children. I am calling out to all political parties from here. No matter who they are. Let them bring our children somehow. We did not raise our children for the organization. God above, our state below,” he said.

Peter Kavinsky

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