25N leaves the silhouettes of swallows and the chalky outlines of the dead.

Valladolid, (EFE).- Silhouettes of swallows, lavender flowers and outlines of chalk served this morning in Castile and León as a memory of the 38 women killed by sexist violence in Spain in 2022, four of them in this Community, with a rejection of Vox’s Denialist discourse about gender violence, which is part of the regional government.

In Valladolid, four silhouettes with chalk on the ground and next to them many other faceless women became visible this Friday. the face of Vox denial in an action convened by CCOO and UGT on the international day of the elimination of this disaster, which was attended by about 200 people.

Several women hold masks in front of a silhouette painted on the ground during a gathering organized by the CCOO and UGT unions this Friday in Valladolid to mark the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women. EFE/Nacho Gallego

“It not only denies the existence of this violence, but also tries to make it invisible and disguise it as domestic violence, leaving women more insecure, more vulnerable and without the possibility of a full life choice, since they are limited by marriage, childbearing, care and are postulated as the only way to solve such problems like depopulation and low birth rates, ceasing to bet on policies that affect the very root of the problem, which is nothing more than education in equality and respect,” they thought on the spot.

Ahead of the marches that feminist platforms have organized this afternoon in Castile and León, the UGT and COOO unions held rallies in various capitals this afternoon to express their “absolute rejection and rejection of sexist killings” in Spain and around the world. , with other events organized by city halls, councils and community groups.

38 women, four in Castile and León

In Spain, 38 women were killed this year, four of them from Castile and León, Diolimar, 35, from Soria, Eva Maria, 54, from Valladolid, Raquel, 32, from Palencia and Teresa, a young woman from 23- summer Valladolid was killed in Brussels and is therefore not considered a victim in Spain.

In an act by the City Council of Valladolid, Mayor Óscar Puente called these 38 deaths due to sexist violence “unacceptable” and in a manifesto prepared by her for the day, Magistrate Ana Carrascosa stated that “The history of the struggle for equality and the struggle to eliminate violence against women is a history of learning, because for centuries women have been deprived of the ability to think.

In his opinion, the denial that women think allows us to assert that women “do not exist”, and recalled that religious treatises openly doubted or denied the existence of a soul in women, “therefore, for centuries women did not exist and did not exist.”

In Zamora, the black cloth, which features 38 purple swallows and two whites that will no longer be able to return to their nest, symbolized the death of male violence in Spain this year and two victims of violence in Spain. institutional act of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

Organized jointly by various institutions of Zamora each year at the gates of one of them, the 25th Anniversary Celebration was designed for the occasion, together with a government sub-delegation, where about three hundred people gathered, mainly representatives of institutions and organizations and social groups that fight against gender-based violence and offer support to victims.

In Palencia and Avila

In Palencia, several protesters demanded an end to sexist violence. In the Plaza Mayor, thirteen women, representing all the associations and institutions that make up the Municipal Council for Women, were to read a manifesto prepared for the day, which mentions Raquel, a woman from Palencia who was killed by her partner on 26 September.

“In this 2022, murder due to gender violence came to our city, we empathized, it put us in front of sexist violence, in front of pain, the loss of a mother, a relative, a colleague, a friend, a neighbor, an acquaintance. We cannot get used to these wasted losses, the pain they cause and the additional suffering,” said one of the women who voiced the manifesto. In addition, students from various schools and the Instituto Virgen de la Calle planted 38 lavender bushes next to Clara Campoamor Street as a tribute to the women killed this year as a result of gender-based violence.

In Ávila, about 30 people, called by the CCOO and the UGT, gathered to demand a fight against equality and ask that the law on gender-based violence remain in place in Castile and León because, according to the CCOO, more and more murders and complaints are being remembered. that sexist violence exists and is not an ideological issue.

Ponferrada and Leon

The main institutions of León gathered this Friday at various events held in the provincial capital and in Ponferrada to raise their voice against sexist violence on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women.

The event, organized by the City Council of León, was also attended by a representative of the government of León, a delegation from the junta in León, the Provincial Council of León and the University of León.

The joint reading of the manifesto raised the voices of León society and the institutions represented, which continue to fight gender-based violence and work on the basis of equality so that there are no differences between women and men.

The text focuses on the numbers behind gender-based violence: “More than 1,170 women have been killed by their partner or ex-partner since registration began in 2003. Killed for being women. During 2022, couple or ex-partner gender-based violence claimed the lives of 38 women and two minors, and 26 children and children were orphaned due to the murder of their mothers.”

In Ponferrada, in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento, an institutional action was held, organized by the Municipal Observatory against Sexist Violence in cooperation with the Municipal Council of Women, which consisted of reading a manifesto and listing all the women killed as a result of sexist violence this year. and the death of children at the hands of parents (summative violence).

In Burgos, several dozen CCOO and UGT trade union delegates gathered ahead of the Evolution Forum, where CCOO provincial women’s secretary Enar Paredes insisted that the reduction in equality and gender-based violence in Castile and León is “obvious, although they dare not put it in writing.” and they are applied in practice. EFE

By Peter Kavinsky

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