32.2-meter-long microbialite detected in Lake Van

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Peter Kavinsky

Ceylan, who had previously detected 23-meter-long stalagmites in the work he carried out with his team in the same region, recorded the 32.2-meter-long microbialite (stalagmite) as well as the fresh water outflows from the bottom that led to their formation.

Ceylan told Anadolu Agency (AA) that microbialites, which they call “Van Lake corals”, are important for the ecosystem in the lake.

Explaining that they found a 23-meter-long microbialite during the work they carried out in Altınsaç region 3 years ago, Ceylan stated that their work continues in the same region and at many points in Lake Van.

Stating that the said microbialite was noticed during the training dive of the Van Metropolitan Municipality Fire Brigade Department teams, Ceylan said:

“When we became aware of this situation, we came to the region and carried out work. When we dived into the lake, we made a new discovery as a team. We recorded a new microbialite with a depth of 32.6 meters and a length of 32.2 meters when we subtracted the surface spacing difference. This is the largest recorded and documented microbialite in the world.We made a mark in history by viewing the microbialite encountered during the training dives of the divers of the Van Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, together with the trainers of Van Diving Edremit Diving School and Van Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Fatih Çelikel. The temperature was recorded on our computer as 6 degrees at the bottom.”


Giving information about the formation of microbialites called “underwater fairy chimneys”, Ceylan emphasized that these structures are living organisms.

Noting that people may mistake microbialites for stones, Ceylan said, “Stone cannot grow. We call this ‘Van Lake corals.’ “The lake is attractive to people. There are fresh water sources coming out of them, we have also photographed them. Such things excite us. After this development, many people will come here for diving. This will be a great contribution for Van.” used the phrases.

Peter Kavinsky

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