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One of Perhaps the most pressing issue the US needs to prepare for is the future it will face after Roe v. Wade is overthrown.

In the midterms, voters will evaluate candidates and therefore measures that will determine the availability of abortion and other human rights issues. The role of venture capital in all of this is becoming increasingly clear: fund more reproductive health companiesinclude access to healthcare in ESG investments as well as overestimate the safest places open a business for female employees.

To get a clearer picture of what lies ahead, TechCrunch+ polled eight investors to find out what they think the role of venture capital should be in a post-Roe world. McKeever Conwell, the founder of RareBreed Ventures noted a minor connection between venture capital money and ethics. He said that while there are some who may not care about human rights in relation to investment, he wants to double the funding for reproductive health-focused startups.

Theodora Lau, founder of Unconventional Ventures, said she thinks more VCs should take a political stance on issues. “Access to healthcare is a right; this is not politics,” she said. “These are existential questions that should concern all of us, regardless of our role.”

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“Where legislation continues to lag, it is important that technology take a proactive stance to ensure transparency on current and future innovation and mitigate the risks we see today.” Hessie Jones, Partner, MATR Ventures

Meanwhile, Hessie Jones, a partner at MATR Ventures, said the due diligence process needs to go deeper to identify the risks associated with developing new technology. “Due diligence must go beyond the ‘intentions’ of the founder. We have to ask ourselves: what is the potential of this technology for other use cases beyond its current purpose? What is the impending risk for individuals or groups?”

Finally, almost everyone we’ve talked to is keeping an eye on the changes that could come in November. “Vote,” Lau said. “With your voice, your actions and your wallet.”

We spoke with:

Hessie Jones, Partner, MATR Ventures

What was your initial reaction to the collapse of Roe? What other impact did the collapse of Roe have on your firm and investment strategy?

I grew up in a Catholic system that was vehemently opposed to abortion and women’s right to decide what to do with their bodies. I am also Canadian and our abortion and maternal rights laws are very different from those in the US.

The Dobbs v. Jackson women’s health decision implicates the rights mentioned in the 14th Amendment, in particular a woman’s right to privacy under the “due process clause” which upheld her right to choose whether to have an abortion. , leaves all civil rights precedents vulnerable. to overturning.

The alleged misinterpretation of the 14th Amendment, in this opinion, turns the clock back when it comes to rights that women have been fighting for for years.

Where legislation continues to lag, it is important that technology take a proactive stance to ensure the transparency of current and future innovations and reduce the types of risks we see today: disclosure of personal information, snooping of data, and use of personal information that will ultimately cause harm. harm to individuals and groups.

This is already happening and has now infiltrated communities where reproductive data is being used against data subjects.

Will Dobbs’ decision affect the criteria you use to conduct due diligence?

Absolutely! Applications that have been used to help women such as Flow, glow and signalmay be armed with warrants to identify those who want or can seek abortions. The data collected by these apps and Big Tech can be sold, hacked, or purchased on government orders without regard to the rights of the subject.

Due diligence must go beyond the “intentions” of the founder. We have to ask ourselves: what is the potential of this technology for other use cases beyond its current purpose? What is the imminent risk to individuals or groups? In addition, we must, at the very least, require compliance with the privacy and security standards of the infrastructure that collects any personal data.

We must carefully examine the intentions of the founders, how the data will be used, who the partners are, to what extent the data will be shared and for what purposes. We have come to a dangerous crossroads where technology has taken its toll, and now we must hold the founders accountable so that they take more responsibility for what they create.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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