A cyberneticist sang on the voicemail. The European Parliament was attacked by hackers linked to Russia | St


The European Parliament is under advanced cyber-attacks. The pro-Kremlin group has claimed responsibility, Metsolaov’s team wrote that the IT department is fighting the Tonks. After we declared Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. My answer: Glory to Ukraine.

I have a strong indication that it comes from Killnet, a hacker with connections to Russia. This is my information, the server Politico quotes the Czech MEP and Vice-President of the EP Eva Kailiová. According to n, the situation is completely under control. It only blocked external access to Parliament’s website. If there are no further flows, let’s expect it to be back soon and gradually.

Due to the flow, the website of the parliament was not accessible and the internal site in Trasburg also experienced problems.

An unnamed high-ranking EP told Politico that this is the most advanced EP stream we know of to date.

According to Marcel Kolaja, EP Information Technology Quaestor, this is an externally controlled DDoS stream. He added that EP technicians are investigating the source of the power. With a similar type of flow, Internet services are attacked or websites are overwhelmed with a large number of requests with the aim of disrupting their functioning.

If it were confirmed that the Russians were behind the DDOS stream, it would be comical. The mighty Russia has shut down the EP website. Rna side, MEP Tom Zdechovsk wrote ironically on Twitter.

The daily flow into the European Parliament’s systems is a warning nest. It is an attack on the democratic heart of Europe, said German MEP Rasmus Andresen.

MEPs at the center approved Russia’s designation as a terrorism-supporting state because of the reduced flow of its military to Ukraine’s civilian customs and infrastructure. 494 MPs spoke out in favor of the resolution.

Russia did not accept the MEP’s move positively. I propose to declare the European Parliament a sponsor of idiocy, wrote Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharovov.

Born of the US, the European Union has not created the first country to officially declare the state a sponsor of terrorism. The gesture is therefore symbolic in nature.

The EP is trying to encourage Russian states to declare Russia a state sponsor of terrorism. So far, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia have done so.


By Peter Kavinsky

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