A harsh message from the Wagnerites. Prigozhin sent MEPs a giant bloodied hammer | World


A video of the donation appeared on Cyberfront Z’s Telegram account. There are visible “bloody” marks on the ax and a pile of human skulls are enthroned on the head of the hammer, along with the emblem of Wagner’s group. The video’s caption also lists a violin case as an “indispensable accessory for musicians”, an obvious reference to Wagner’s group.

The name is derived from the composer Richard Wagner, who even influenced Adolf Hitler with his music and ideas. The sending of the hammer to the European Parliament was also confirmed by the press department of the Concorde company, through which the owner Prigozhin usually communicates. The official reaction of the EP is not yet known.

A man known as Putin’s cook confessed some time ago that he founded the group of mercenaries. In addition, according to observers, he has been gaining influence in the Kremlin lately and is making himself heard more in public. Hammer donated according to Russian portal apparently related to the European Parliament’s call to the European Union to put the Wagnerians on the list of terrorist organisations.

And this is because the group violates international law and commits violence all over the world, including in Ukraine. After all, Prigozhin has already commented once this week on the activities of the European Parliament. He told his commanders that he had “sad news” for them.

“I don’t know what law governs the European Parliament, but according to our law, from today we declare it dissolved and its words mean nothing,” the oligarch declared. On Wednesday, MEPs labeled the entire Russian Federation a supporter of terrorism.

However, the gifted hammer has another connotation. It refers to a video showing the murder of a former Russian mercenary for defecting to Ukraine. The man is hit on the head with a hammer, in what pro-Russian bloggers say is revenge for his alleged betrayal.

Prigozhin remarked to him that the record should be called “The dog deserved the death of a dog.” “It is a spectacular directorial work that he watches with bated breath. I hope no animals were hurt during filming,” he said cynically through his spokeswoman.


By Peter Kavinsky

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