A Japanese man got drunk outside the prime minister’s office, protesting the death of Abe St

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A police officer who tried to put out the fire died in hospital, the AFP agency wrote. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kiida was out of office as he is in New York for the UN General Assembly session.

He tried to run in front of the Prime Minister’s office in the morning. According to Japanese media, he left a message on the site protesting the death penalty for former Prime Minister Abe.

The centenary of the recent premiere may take place on the 27th and will be attended by 6,000 guests from Japan and abroad. The attitude of the Japanese on this issue has changed significantly recently, with only a minority in favor of a low-key ceremonial burial, according to surveys.

The stance was influenced by information about close relations between ruling Liberal Democratic Party (LDP) politicians and the controversial United Church. Even Prime Minister Kiida himself apologized for his ties to the organization, which was founded in 1954 in Jin Korea by Reverend Sun Myung Moon. In recent weeks, support for the government and the Prime Minister himself has declined.

Mu, whose name is suspected of the deadly flow on Abe, emptied his own water by calling the former prime minister a slave of the United Church. He thinks his mother went bankrupt at first because of the laziness in this organization, but the church is in ruins.


Peter Kavinsky

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