A month before his death, Sergei Puskepalis talked about what his last day would look like

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On September 20, the Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Puskepalis died.

A picture: Ivan VISLOV

September 20encirclement Honored Artist of the Russian Federation Sergey Puskepalis. On the M-8 highway in the Yaroslavl . region collision with an oncoming truck, and then drove into the oncoming lane, where he collided with a truck. The artist was driving a minibus that had been purchased for the defenders of Donbass.

As the rector of GITIS Grigory Zaslavsky said about Puskepalis, the actor confirmed the importance of citizenship with his life. He said you can’t stand by and you have to be with your people.

And for many years Puskepalis played a positive image of a soldier.

– In modern cinema, these heroes are often portrayed as negative, – emphasized the rector of GITIS, – but for Puskepalis it was important that these people appear as real heroes.

The actor’s death came as a surprise to everyone, but it is surprising that Sergey spoke about the death a month ago in an interview blogger Diana Kandy. The video, posted on July 26, was the actor’s last major interview, with commentators calling it a grim omen not only because of the subject matter, but also because of the black-and-white, grieving footage at the start.

The last part of the interview is entirely devoted to death, and when asked what he will do on his last day, the actor replies:

– Chekhov asked for oysters and champagne. I don’t know. Maybe it will be something absurd…

We bring to the attention of the readers excerpts from several of Puskepalis’ speeches that have been published recently.

About myself

Everyone always wonders who I am. My father is Lithuanian, my mother Bulgarian. I’ve lived in Chukotka all my life. And when they ask me who I am, I answer: Russian of Bulgarian-Lithuanian nationality.

It’s easier on the moon than in Chukotka

It used to be easier to live in Chukotka than it is now. There they paid good money if you worked in the North, which meant you were a first-class specialist. And now it seems to me that it is easier on the moon than in Chukotka. Because the attitude to those who are on the moon is different, although the conditions of life are the same. This region does not mean that people live there, there is oxygen, everything else is a thing of the past. Those who live there are heroes. They just don’t realize it and are already used to it. Well, we live and live, heroes and heroes.

What does it mean to me to be Russian?

There is no other nationality that would have such a character. Russian is nice. Russian is smart. Russian is strong. Russian is sentimental. And Russian is generous.

About raising children

I don’t think children should be raised. You have to live the way you want your children to live. In fact, it is not the parents who raise the children, but the environment of the parents. The child looks at the people with whom the parents communicate and draws conclusions. My mother’s friends were dignified people, hard workers and labourers, painters, plasterers…

I didn’t want to be an actor, but a pilot…

Since my father worked in the fuel and lubricants service, all my friends were pilots and geologists. I swung around in all the cabins and as a civilian pilot walked the direct way to the Armavir flight school.

But it so happened that after Chukotka we moved to Zheleznovodsk, and there was a theater studio where Galina Nikolaevna Kasyanova taught. It was a special studio, it was located in the children’s room of the police. I did not act like a hooligan, I studied well, but it was worth saying in the street: “I’m from the drama club” – they respectfully seated us and said: “Oh!”. I never thought of connecting my life with acting, but at the age of fifteen I entered the Saratov Theater School for the troupe. It’s amazing that he did that…

Studied like in the land of the deaf

I will reveal the secret. I didn’t understand what I was studying until the third year. I lived like I was in a land of the deaf, repeating what they asked, and I had an incentive not to be evicted, otherwise it seemed embarrassing. And it wasn’t until the third year that I realized what was what. It’s not that late. For some actors, it doesn’t come at all.

My wishes have come true

Thanks to the fact that I am an actor, it turned out to be a pilot, and a meteorologist and a doctor, and in general I have many different professions. So I think I was able to fulfill my dream to some extent.

Why I Became a Director

For ten years I worked as an actor in the Saratov Youth Theater. And then I began to understand that my boys’ success began to interest me more than my own. Then there was my historic meeting with Pyotr Fomenko, who saw me and legitimized in me what everyone scolded for. After my first performance, the newspapers wrote that it was an explosion of hooliganism in a respectable youth theater. And Peter Naumovich said I was doing everything right. Fomenko was a man who brought the joy of life into me.

What’s wrong with today’s cinema?

In Soviet cinema there was a different system of possibilities to realize an idea. There was no reason to think about how to get the money back. Therefore, there were paintings that promoted good and bright. Today’s cinema is like a broken toy. The producer has become the main one and the ideological content is crushed to determine whether the film will succeed or not.

About simplification in film and theatre

I’ve always said that in cinema it’s not the demand that creates the supply, it’s the supply that creates the demand. What kind of films we show, what kind of performances we give – this is what the audience wants from us. The more you give to the easy, fast, unpretentious – the faster everything becomes simpler. But this cannot go on forever, because there are not so many spoiled people in our country.

About the crowd in Moscow

No, I’m still wrong. I have a feeling that Moscow will never run out of corrupt people. But in the regions they are better, cleaner and need different content.

Will national cinema revive?

I would like to think that this forced crisis is extremely necessary for us, so that the distributors and producers turn their eyes to our cinema: do we not know how to film ourselves?

Is censorship necessary?

– We had censorship for vulgarity, obscenity, artlessness. It was necessary censorship. For my part, I think that theater and film should offer the viewer a shoulder. And the content that tells you what an imperfect creature you are, I believe was created by enemies. Why? because the idea of ​​suicide is always present in man. Therefore, it is a terrible sin to cultivate in a person, and sometimes in the whole society, thoughts about one’s own uselessness and insolvency.

About the intelligentsia

Anton Pavlovich Chekhov said of the Russian intelligentsia: “Every reform inspires our intelligentsia to pack a suitcase, go abroad, cackling and cackling, and then not know how to return.” This is very accurate.

What is the purpose of art?

As Victor Rozov said, the patient should leave healthy, the healthy – a little sick. I agree with that. The role of art in this.

How to calm the heart?

I think God will save the world. I listen to our philosopher Alexei Osipov. He speaks simply, clearly, I don’t remember anything, but goodness remains after his speeches. I like to read very much. Alexey Slapovsky, for example. My favorite novel is The First Second Coming. Sometimes a person forgets what a gift – his life, his opportunities. Forget that you can rejoice and please others. With Slapovsky, everything is permeated with this love, he sees the unusual in the usual bus route. And this miracle made me his fan.

How should one live? I think we should live as we should and come no matter what.

Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at cablefreetv.org

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