A state that violates international law has no place in the world community – Zelensky

President Volodymyr Zelensky believes that Russia made a mistake in waging war on Ukraine, and a state that violates international law has no place in the world community.

The head of state announced this tonight video messagereports Ukrinform.

“There is still hard fighting in many sectors of the front. But the prospect of these hostilities remains clear – more occupiers will try to escape, more losses will be suffered by the enemy army, a growing realization that Russia has made a mistake in waging war on Ukraine. Of course there are many fanatics. Those who will never admit that this is a pointless war for Russia, in which Russia cannot win. Because it is impossible to defeat a people that stays united and knows what it is fighting for,” Zelensky emphasized.

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He added that none of those who are now sent to the Russian Federation after criminal mobilization will be able to explain: why should he personally? Why would he risk his life?

“We already see among the dead invaders those who were taken away just a week or two ago. People were not prepared for military operations, they have no experience whatsoever to fight in such a war. But the Russian commando just needs people – and everyone, to put them in the place of the dead. And if these new ones die, they’ll send more people. This is how Russia fights. So she will lose,” Ukraine’s president said.

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At the same time, he noted that Russia would not be helped by pseudo-referendums and annexation announcements, nor by their devised borders, drawn in an incomprehensible place.

“There is a clear and internationally recognized border with Ukraine. There is a life we ​​must protect. There is security that we must restore. And all this will happen. We all do this,” emphasized the head of state.

He also gave an example of the removal of the Russian Federation from world trials and its further transformation into exile.

“Today, Russia has finally been removed from decision-making in world aviation. There will be no more representatives of a terrorist state in the governing body – the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organization. This is a very important global institution, a specialized institution UNand this is a very expressive signal to all other international organizations,” Zelensky said.

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In his opinion, a state that has violated so many norms of international law cannot be detained in any international organization as a supposedly normal participant. That is why Russia has no place in the world community.

By Peter Kavinsky

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