A woman died in hospital, injured during the shelling of a bus stop in Zelenodolsk

A woman died in hospital from serious injuries after being shot at by Russian troops at a public transport stop in Zelenodolsk.

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Oleksandr Vilkul, head of Krivoy Rog’s military administration, reports Ukrinform.

“Thursday (September 29 – ed.) the invaders hit most of the Krivoy Rog district in Zelenodolsk from the hurricanes with cluster grenades banned by the Geneva Convention. They hit a transport stop. 19 people just started work, were injured One, a woman, until today unfortunately passed away in the hospital of an open craniocerebral injury,” he wrote.

Vilkul recalled that the enemy launched a missile attack on Krivoy Rog on Wednesday with a Kh-59 missile. Tonight – kamikaze drone. In both cases the attacks were carried out on civilian objects. The damage was considerable, but fortunately there were no casualties.

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According to him, the invaders in the Dnipropetrovsk region killed seven people in a week, including children, injured 50. More than 400 civilian buildings were damaged.

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