Acharya Day 1 Box Office Collection

Acharya Day 1 Box Office Collection We can tell you the first day box office collection report of Acharya movie here and for information, we tell you that you can see the first day collection very fast here. Advance bookings of ₹ 150000000 have been made in Telugu for the first day of booking of the film, which clearly shows that Acharya’s box office collection will be very difficult. People see Pooja Hegde and Chiranjeevi and Ramcharan Sonu Sood and many other superstars starring in the film, so if you look at it this way, here you are hired. Due to the superstar, Ram Charan dominates the world as one of the most popular superstar and according to the first day box office collection, the film achieved the highest box office collection.

movie Acharya
release date 29 april 2022
box office collection day 1 50 cr approx
budgets 140 cr
hit or flop hit
director Koratala Siva
cast Chiranjeevi Konidala, Pooja Hegde, Ram Charan Teja, Sonu Sood


Acharya Review Live Update

Acharya’s first day box office gross, first day box office gross can be found at around ₹ 500000000 as the film’s bookings are estimated to be over ₹ 15000000000. The Telugu version of the film, which is being prepared with a budget of Rs 140 crore, will be a hit from day one. If we talk about this, here you have Chiranjeevi and Pooja Hegde, Ramcharan and Sonu Sood doing the actor-actress work, which is the task of making the film even better and better. Let’s do their deed, they like it very much

Acharya Day 1 Box Office Collection Details

Acharya talks about the first day box office collection details of the film, the first day collection of the film can be done up to ₹ 500000000 where the total booking is more than ₹ 150000000 for the first day viewing. Now you can see what is there. Speaking of the film, you see tremendous action and scary things in the film, besides, you can also see the love story here. Acharya is known to be one of the biggest films of all time, grossing around ₹ 500000000 at the box office in India on its first day alone, with a budget of over Rs 140 crore. . It is installed here

Great return on the first day

There is also a huge increase in the first day collections of Acharya movie, this time South Indian films are available to watch with more noise and their box office collection is also very high. But a lot of Bollywood films are also available to watch this time, this time, Acharya film starring Ram Charan, his performance in RRR movie was much loved by the people and due to that there was no Acharya film. People started waiting for a long time, but now you see the Acharya picture at the right time.

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