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Are you ready – and as excited as we are – to hear from and learn from the brightest minds envisioning, building, investing and striving to create and secure the future of humanity in space? Spend December 6th with us and the world’s leading space aces in TC Sessions: Space in Los Angeles.

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Hosting a world-class space conference requires a versatile village, and we are fortunate to have partners who not only provide resources, but also educate and help guide the next generation of entrepreneurs and dreamers. They are also known to contact and collaborate with promising startups.

Today, we are pleased to introduce Aerospace Corporation, a federally funded non-profit research and development center dedicated to all aspects of the space enterprise—civil, commercial, and defense.

Don’t miss Steve Isakowitz, President and CEO of Aerospace Corporation, who is leading a session titled “Space Workforce 2030: inspiring, preparing and hiring the next generation“.

The emerging space age offers tremendous opportunities to explore new frontiers, develop economies in orbit, and strengthen our security. Making the most of this momentous time requires an innovative workforce that can draw on diverse experiences and perspectives to address the complex challenges we will face.

The Space Workforce 2030 Commitment – a first of its kind initiative launched earlier this year – brings together more than 30 of the nation’s leading space companies to work together to increase diversity in our industry and create a vibrant workforce for the future.

Isakowitz will talk about the work that the Aerospace Corporation and other space industry leaders are doing to inspire, train and hire the next generation of scientists and engineers, and how you can play your part in supporting this vital mission.

Steve Isakowitz, a recognized leader in the government, commercial, space and technology sectors, has worked for the public good in space throughout his career. As President and CEO of Aerospace Corporation, the nation’s leading architect of space programs, he leads efforts to stay ahead of national security threats while developing innovative technologies to advance a new era of commercialization and space exploration.

Under his leadership, more than 4,600 Aerospace employees provide unbiased technical knowledge and cutting-edge ideas to solve the most challenging problems in space and ensure the success of space systems and spacecraft.

Isakowitz has held a number of prominent positions, including with Virgin Galactic, NASA, the US Department of Energy, and the White House Office of Management and Budget.

TC Sessions: Space will be held December 6 in Los Angeles. Buy a pass for $199and then join us—and our partners—to learn about the latest space technologies, find new opportunities, and build a stronger startup to the stars.

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