After the fatal accident, Jakub was helped out of debt by a life insurance company


Instead of going to work, Jakub started a disability pension after a long hospital stay. The life insurance policy he arranged with the insurance company helped him overcome the difficult situation. Easy.

We celebrated my new job. Since the morning I have been eating outside in a cauldron and of course it got drunk. For all I know, I took home the things I had for the party, Jakub recalls. He cannot remember the collision with the car from Perovsko, in which he was knocked unconscious in the accident. They explained the situation to him. I learned from the first moment I reversed my bike and that a car hit me from behind. It’s possible I don’t remember, but don’t think anyone would want a similar situation.

From hardworking to disabled

The time the cyclist broke the windshield and then the dog chased the car, he was injured. I had a thorn wound on the head with bleeding in the brain and I broke about eight ribs. I think I had an injured kidney, an injured kidney and a ruptured diaphragm. That was enough, remember.


  • Let’s not make excuses
  • We guarantee payment in 99% of cases
  • We don’t collude
  • We pay the pension within 2 days
  • We pay incl
  • You include the coverage for the same pension

A traffic accident turned the life of a physically fit man upside down. After a year of disability, he was recognized as a first-degree disability. For two years I worked on a machine, lifting tk beams, that is not possible today. I am usually confined to the left side of the floor. I am currently unemployed, but I am still looking, explains Jakub, with the fact that I still have a disability pension.

Retirement within two days before t

During the year he was unable to work, Jakub was in debt to his family and friends, who offered him financial help. Thanks to the agreed life-long loan, he managed to pay off the mortgage later. After submitting a request for a deposit from the insurance policy, it was enough for the insurance company to make a payment at the beginning and within two days the customer had a pension for t.

Jakub originally didn’t want to move on with his life. When he arranged a mortgage loan, I explained to him that it is good to cover this with insurance. In front of? Simply because when a person has a problem it should be covered by the pantry for things like death or disability and incapacity for work so that neighbors, family and friends don’t take it away first. Because then if something bad happens and the hunter is broke for half a year, he gets into financial trouble and has to pay the bills, and the mortgage covers this. The accident happened months after the start of its validity, adds Zuzana Mlkov, a financial advisor to the company Partners, to her client.

Jakub was liable for a number of mortgages, namely 2.2 million kroner. When we sent out the notice of disability, the insurance company paid out 1.32 million kroner within two days. Due to the presence of alcohol, liquor store Simplea was 40 percent of the many fifty percent full, describes the leniency of liquor store Mlkov. Be careful in such situations, because under the influence of alcohol can endanger yourself or others. People should therefore be careful about the risks of activities with alcohol in the blood. If this accident had happened without the presence of alcohol in his blood, Jakub would have received a full insurance payment.

Jakub’s journey isn’t over yet. According to Eit, I will have consequences with the food court, which are still not covered. Even after a year, I’m still under those shoulders and going to rehab, an invalid. Find out if I have a claim for an unusual mortgage payment. This would clear him of the debt completely.


By Peter Kavinsky

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