Agricultural exports from Ukraine tripled in 4 months – DW – 20.09.2022

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In April 2022, Ukraine exported 1.3 million tons of grain, seeds and other agricultural products, up from more than 4.2 million tons in August, the European Commission reported on Tuesday, September 20. During this time, the international community, together with Kiev, managed to organize two alternative ways of exporting goods from Ukraine – the European Union’s “solidarity line” with Ukraine and the Black Sea corridor.

In total, more than 14 million tons of agricultural products from Ukraine were exported through these routes. At the same time, in May, the “solidarity lines” between Ukraine and the EU were opened and the temporary unblocking agreement cargo ships in the ports of Ukraine was reached in July. According to the latest data from the European Commission, in August the “solidarity line” accounted for 61 percent of agricultural exports from Ukraine (2.6 million tons) and the Black Sea corridor – 39 percent (1.6 million tons).

“Lines of Solidarity” – the main way to transport Ukrainian products

In total, the Black Sea has been able to export 3 million tons of products during this period. However, the agreement period Ukrainian ports unblocked by Russia expires in November, and the “lines of solidarity” will continue to work, senior European Commission officials stressed at a briefing in Brussels. According to them, this transport link is designed for the medium and long term and its work will be continuously improved. “Solidarity lines are an extremely important approach to transport of Ukrainian agricultural and other products“In this opinion we are united with the G7 countries and the United States,” the European Commission representative emphasized.

In July, agricultural exports passed through five major “solidarity lines” through a dozen checkpoints on Ukraine’s borders with Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Romania, as well as on the Moldovan-Romanian border. Another 15 transport routes are in various stages of development, which will deliver Ukrainian grain and seeds across Europe to ports of the Baltic, Northern, Mediterranean and Adriatic, the European Commission said.

“There is room to grow”

In recent months, the volume of Ukrainian exports has increased, causing queues with goods at the borders to increase as well. Brussels pledges to invest in infrastructure – to build additional lanes and parking spaces, provide equipment such as X-ray control systems, and increase staff numbers. Kiev, for its part, should improve the system for organizing the movement of cargo columns, according to the European Commission. In addition, Ukraine will become a member of the Joint Transit Procedure Agreement from 1 October. For her, this will simplify most formalities related to the movement of goods across EU borders. Both the new joint transport scheme and its possibilities naturally have room to grow, Brussels is sure of that.

A serious problem is the track gauge in Ukraine, which differs from the European states in the EU. A study on this subject is currently underway in the European Union with the ultimate aim of developing ways to optimize the “solidarity lines” systemon which long-term investments will be directed.

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