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Albert Riera, who played in Galatasaray for a while and worked as an assistant coach for the yellow-red team after quitting football, became the coach of Slovenian representative Olimpija Ljubljana at the beginning of the season. While the Spanish coach broke the records, it was stated that La Liga was following. Here are the details…

Football News Release Date: 20.09.2022- 12:14 Update Date: 20.09.2022- 12:14

One of the most important names in Turkish football Fatih Terim He has had great success over the years. One of the issues that the experienced teacher received the most criticism was that the names in his team could not progress successfully in their directorial career.


But one name is taking giant steps towards breaking this evil chain. In the 2020-2021 season Galatasaraywho was Fatih Terim’s assistant in Albert Riera He makes a name for himself with the results he has achieved.


Slovenian team Olimpija LjubljanaThe Spanish coach, who sat in the coaching chair in July, is breaking records. under the direction of Riera Olympia While getting 9 wins and 1 draw in 10 games in the league, they were never defeated.

The Slovenian team, which scored 21 goals and conceded 9 goals, and has already scored 9 points against their closest rival, is also highly praised for the football they play.


It is said that 40-year-old Albert Riera, who has an average of 2.70 points and has signed one of the most successful statistics of Slovenian football, will be a very important coach.


While the Spanish press gave wide coverage to the successes of the young teacher, La Liga He states that his clubs have already started to follow Riera closely.

Having a very important football career, Riera; Manchester City, Liverpool, espanish He wore the jerseys of teams such as Galatasaray and Galatasaray.

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