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Alibaba is known for its vast e-commerce empire, but like Amazon, cloud services have been its main source of revenue in recent years.

The Chinese cloud giant is ready to double its presence abroad and announced today it is a $1 billion investment in “renewing the global partner ecosystem.” Alibaba Cloud now third largest public cloud provider in the worldan achievement that is inseparable from a large network of local allies established around the world.

The company is constantly involvement of local partners take on responsibilities such as sales, technical support and customer service. The $1 billion initiative is designed to “support partners’ technology innovation and expand their market with Alibaba Cloud over the next three fiscal years,” the company said in a statement. The money will come in both financial and non-financial incentives, including funding, rebates and go-to-market initiatives.

Alibaba Cloud currently has about 11,000 partners worldwide, including Salesforce, VMware, Fortinet, IBM, and Neo4j.

The market share of Alibaba Cloud was 9.5% in 2021, behind Microsoft (21%) and Amazon (39%), according to the research firm. Gartner.

Based in Hangzhou with a growing global presence, the cloud service has become a popular cloud solution for many Chinese companies expanding overseas. But rising national security tensions between China and the West have alienated some customers from its cloud platform. In an attempt to win over US regulators, TikTok is reportedly migrated from Alibaba Cloud as well as moved all his US data to Oracle servers.

Even start-up Chinese companies are joining the technological bifurcation. Over the past few months, several consumer-facing internet startups, including a social network and productivity tool, have told me they store all their offshore user data in foreign cloud services just to avoid future regulatory scrutiny.

Recently, Alibaba Cloud has suffered from a slowdown in growth and the loss of one key cloud customer, which according to industry observers is ByteDance. As the company noted in its June earnings report:

Our cloud segment’s year-over-year revenue growth reflected a recovery in general non-Internet industries driven by financial services, government services and telecoms, offset in part by lower revenues from our core internet client, which has phased out our services. overseas cloud services for its international business due to non-product requirements of online education customers, as well as declining demand from other customers in China’s Internet industry.

Western tech companies are under the same decoupling pressure in China. The country’s data law prohibits user data from leaving its borders, which is why companies like Apple and Tesla, have long stored Chinese user data in domestic cloud centers.

Peter Kavinsky

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