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A girl outwardly very similar to the Russian Yulia Prokhorova, who became notorious on social networks thanks to statements in support of wars in Ukraine and attacks on Ukrainian refugees in Germany and Austria, on November 20, The Insider’s correspondent noted at Berlin airport. published on video she is filmed with a police escort. The girl has been put on a flight to Istanbul, it has been established upon publication.

However, the next day, citing a source in German law enforcement, the publication clarified that Prokhorova was still in Germany. DW appealed to the public prosecutor’s office in the Bavarian town of Landshut, where the Russian woman lived with her German boyfriend Kevin L., and to the German Federal Police with a request to confirm or deny the fact of her deportation, but by the at the time the material was published, no response had been received.

What is known about the supporter of the “Russian world” Yulia Prokhorova and her life in Germany – at DW.

Dancing to the sound of exploding grenades

Pro-government Russian media calls Yulia Prokhorova “a blogger who recorded a video in support of Russia and a special military operation,” saying they decided to deport her from Germany because she “danced Kalinka” in front of a crowd of Ukrainians in Germany.” However, according to observers, this is not entirely true, to say the least.

They point to the content that until recently Prokhorova filled her pages on social networks, noting that in many ways it openly promotes hatred and violence beyond the limits of what is legally permissible.

So, in April 2022, the girl wrote in your Telegram channelwho visited “apartments for refugees” from Ukraine and she “is still sick of the unbelievable stench in there.” Shortly afterwards, on May 9, Prokhorova, wearing the Russian tricolor, danced “Kalinka” for a pro-Ukrainian demonstration in Munich, saying she wanted to counter “the growing Russophobia in Germany”.

In another video, already filmed in Austria, Prokhorova molests Ukrainian women in the street with the words: “Girls, glory to Russia! Russia will win! Whose Cherson? Yes Yes, Ukraine? The referendum is already underway! Fuck…you Ukraine!” Soon posted tweet, to which the girl, sitting on the toilet, explains: “what should happen if some kind of x … that came from the police on the Ukrainians.” She uses the corresponding letter as toilet paper.

And on October 10, the day Russia launched a large-scale missile attack on a number of Ukrainian cities, including the Dnieper River, which killed 14 people and injured 97 others, according to Ukrainian authorities, Prokhorova posted a video collage on the social network TikTok where she happily danced to the sound of exploding grenades.

She also advised Kremlin supporters in Germany to expend more energy to “support the Russian army”.

What is Yulia Prokhorova accused of?

On October 14, the Lower Bavarian police and the Landshut public prosecutor’s office published a joint document press statementwhere – without mentioning the girl’s name – a search of the apartment of a 30-year-old Russian woman in Landshut was reported, during which three smartphones and a laptop were seized.

The reason for the house search: suspicions that the girl, probably since May 2022, expressed her approval for the offensive war against Ukraine and praised her on the internet. In addition, she probably insulted another internet user in one of the messengers in early August 2022, researchers believe. At the same time, it was emphasized that the Russian woman was in Germany illegally.

After the search, Prokhorova stopped publishing new material on social networks.

Work as a cashier and escort services

Journalists from the German TV channel RTL and magazine Stern, who became interested in the personality of Yulia Prokhorova, found out that a resident of Samara, before moving to Germany, worked at home as a cashier at Pyaterochka. Another source of income was apparently escort services: German journalists found a photo of Prokhorova on the relevant sites. In addition, many photos have been published on the Internet showing Yulia naked in explicit poses, they said.

In May 2021, Prokhorova took part in the Russian TV show “Let’s Get Married!”, where she stated that she did not find it shameful to seduce someone else’s husband, “if he reciprocates her”, and did not object when presenter Larisa Guzeeva stated that Prokhorova was “chosen to be rubbish”.

The sudden rise in popularity of Prokhorova

Yulia Prokhorova’s Telegram channel has existed since March 2021, but only 19 posts were published there in the first year, according to German researchers. Today they are all removed. The channel came to life only on March 9, 2022, when Prokhorova first published a post there in which he ridiculed the President of Ukraine Vladimir Zelensky. Since then, statements in support of the war against Ukraine, as well as passages that the West intends to “destroy Russia” and that it is dangerous for Russians to live in Germany, have become the main topics of her online speeches.

At the same time, the channel enjoyed great popularity only in mid-May, when three days after the performance of “Kalinka” in Munich, the number of subscribers suddenly increased from one and a half to almost 110 thousand.

According to German journalists, the reason for this jump was probably the “purchase” of subscribers. This assumption is also supported by the fact that their numbers have dropped to 40,000 by September 2022, according to Telemetrio.

In March 2022, Prokhorova stated on her Telegram channel that Germany wanted war with Russia “for the third time”. “I want to go back to Russia… I’m really scared here. Planes don’t fly here, trains don’t run,” she complained. Perhaps the German authorities granted her wish shortly before Christmas.

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