Altay 1-0 Genclerbirligi MATCH RESULT-SUMMARY

Sports Toto 1Altay, the team of the last weeks in the ‘th league’, defeated Gençlerbirliği, which was on the relegation line at home, with a single goal: 1-0. Paixao scored the goal in the 24th minute from the penalty spot, which brought the Black and Whites 3 points.

STAT: Alsancak Mustafa Denizli
REFEREES: Ozan ErgunOguz Kagan Works, Kemal Diamond
ALTAY: Ozan – Kutay (Min. 76 Ibrahim Ozturk), Björkander, Efe, Clever, Mehmet (Min. 76 Yusuf), Arda (Min. 90 Enes), SalehNaderi (Min. 90 Free), Tolga, Paixao
YOUTH: Ubeyd – Metehan, Gokhan Gul, Mert Kula, MohammedAksel (Min. 55 Mert Kabasakal), Grechyshkin, Belyaev, Ahmet (Min. 76 Kagan), Barış, İlker (Min. 62) Gokhan Altiparmak)
GOAL: Min. 24 Paixao (P) (Altai)
YELLOW CARDS: Zeki, Naderi (Altay) – Kagan (Genclerbirligi)

Genclerbirligi approached the goal in the 13th minute. Ahmet hit the head in the middle made from the left wing, the ball returned to the playing field from the post.
Altay won a penalty in the 23rd minute. Gökhan Gül and Grechyshkin tackled the ball with their hands during the free kick. Referee Ozan Ergün watched the position in VAR and showed the white dot.
Paixao, who took the ball in the 24th minute, brought the leather ball to the nets: 1-0.
Belyaev, who met the ball outside the penalty area in the 62nd minute, felt the goal with a hard kick, and the goalkeeper Ozan did not allow the goal. The remaining minutes did not change the result, Altay was the winner.

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at