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Amazon is the next company to try to grab attention with a TikTok-like social feed. The e-commerce giant joins a long list of companies that had the same idea: Facebook, Instagram, TwitterSnapchat, Pinterest, LinkedInyoutube, Spotify, Netflix…what’s next, a vertical video feed on the IRS app that tracks your tax refund?

According to Watchful, a product mining platform, Amazon testing vertical photo and video broadcasting in your application among the staff. According to photos Watchful shared with the Wall Street Journal, the channel currently known as “Inspiration” will appear on the bottom navigation bar in the Amazon app. When users tap the diamond-shaped icon, they will see posts in their feed that will include links to purchase any of the items featured in the post.

Image credits: Vigilant via Wall Street Journal

This isn’t the first time Amazon has followed the same tack as major social apps. He even has Messages, Instagram’s impersonation feature, as part of its promotional tools. Of course, Amazon has also invested in influencer marketing and live shoppinga feature that Facebook will soon sunset focus on… you guessed it, its rival TikTok.

However, Amazon’s TikTok clone is not out of the picture. Amazon Product Recommendations are Extremely Popular on TikTok – Tag #amazons has 25.6 billion views. Some influencers have amassed millions of followers solely by finding interesting Amazon products to recommend to their audience, earning a commission if the viewer uses their affiliate link. So it makes sense that Amazon might want its customers to find these “Amazon must-have items” directly in their app, rather than through TikTok or Instagram Reels.

It’s unclear if the feature will eventually be implemented in the Amazon app – companies often test feature ideas in-house, even if some of them will never be made available to the general public. Consumers may find Amazon’s native marketing less authentic than social media posts, but it’s pretty clear that most of those TikTok product recommendation videos are also just part of a money-making machine (otherwise why would so many people make beautiful TikTok grids where they are?) just post videos of cute Amazon gadgets?).

“We’re constantly testing new features to make life a little easier for customers,” an Amazon spokesperson told TechCrunch.

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