Ambulance plane took off for famous theater actor Sergen Deveci, who was injured in a traffic accident

Ambulance plane took off for Sergen Deveci

Actor Sergen, who was injured as a result of a traffic accident in the Merzifon district of Amasya and was treated at Amasya University Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Training and Research Hospital, the vehicle carrying the team returning to Samsun after performing the theater play “Basic Trouble” last night at the Çorum State Theater Hall. It was decided to transfer Deveci to a private hospital in Istanbul.

An ambulance plane was requested from the Ministry of Health for the dispatch of Deveci.

Deveci, who was brought to Amasya-Merzifon Airport after the completion of the procedures, was sent to the private hospital in Istanbul by ambulance plane.

Within the scope of the Black Sea tour, the minibus under the direction of Aykut Bektaş, in which the theater team staged their last play in Çorum, collided with the truck under the direction of Hacı Ahmet Kılıç, which was traveling in the same direction in the Çaybaşı village location of Merzifon, and Özgür Karataş, Tolga Güleryüz and Burak Topçu in the minibus lost their lives in the accident. Özgür Ayaz, Burak Gülçebi, Filiz Özbek, Melis İşiten, Sergen Deveci, Uğur Şalvarcıoğlu and Ceyhun Fersoy who were in the minibus were injured. Among the injured, driver Aykut Bektaş, Melis İşiten and Filiz Özbek were discharged after their treatment.

The treatment of injured Uğur Şalvarcıoğlu and Özgür Ayaz continues at Ondokuz Mayıs University (OMU) Medical Faculty Hospital, while the treatment of Ceyhun Fersoy and Burak Gülçebi continues at Amasya University Sabuncuoğlu Şerefeddin Training and Research Hospital.

The photo was served by the UAV.

By Peter Kavinsky

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