An old woman, who had died the day before, turned to the emergency room of an Argentine hospital

The townspeople immediately learned about the old woman ghost

The townspeople immediately learned about the old woman ghost

BEE Argentina for days in a row they talk about a mystical incident that took place in one of the capital’s hospitals.

Late at night, an elderly woman was admitted to the emergency room of a hospital in Buenos Aires. The officer on duty opened the door, helped to roll up the patient’s wheelchair, made appropriate entries in the registration logs, and sent the patient to the ward.

In the morning it turned out that there was no one on the ward, and a woman with that name had died in the same hospital the day before.

Frightened doctors and nurses demanded that the management of the institution look at the CCTV footage. It turned out that they had recorded the entire procedure for the reception of an admitted patient, but only the woman herself was not visible on the images. The guard on duty opens the doors, gestures, writes something to the reception, rolls an empty pram into the premises …

The townspeople immediately learned about the old ghost woman. They were so scared that they demanded at least a reasonable explanation from the officials of what had happened.

The head doctor of the medical institution had to make a statementin which he called the strange case a hoax, however, he could not clearly explain to whom and why all this might be necessary.

The ancient ghost has already become the main character in scary horror stories all over Argentina. Enthusiasts – experts in the field of paranormal phenomena promise to clarify her fate in the very near future.

By now, almost all patients have escaped from this hospital, and the citizens of Buenos Aires are bypassing it.

By Peter Kavinsky

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