Andrey Nikitin, governor of the Novgorod region: the president came to us in a good mood

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Peter Kavinsky

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Governor of the Novgorod Region Andrey Nikitin

A picture: REUTERS

On Wednesday, September 21, immediately after his appeal to the Russians was shown on TV, the head of state went to the old Russian city of Veliky Novgorod.

I decided to learn about the details of this journey from my old hero, Governor Nikitin…

– … Andrey Sergeevich, it was an unusual visit from the president … Although he wrote down his address the day before, as we know, surely he would like to know how Vladimir Vladimirovich is in his mood?

– You know, it seems to me that the leader was in a good mood.

On this day we talked a lot about education, about the training of engineers, about projects developed by young boys, specialists of advanced technical schools. And, judging by my observations, the leader was really interested, because this is the future of our country, our science and technology.

The guys and nuclear reactors of the new generation are designing and new engines for airplanes. A very good project, thanks to the Ministry of Education and Science for the fact that such a project has come about.

– As always you had a conversation behind closed doors or the president didn’t have time for this

– We had a conversation, but almost everything was open doors. I spoke very briefly about the results of my government’s five-year plan, about how we are working this year.

– And how?

– Generally not bad, and the economic performance of the region is quite good. I spoke about the challenges we face and the challenges we want to solve in the coming years.

Vladimir Putin during a meeting with leaders of leading technical schools and their industrial partners

A picture: REUTERS

Of course, I always feel the support of our leader in all such good ventures. These were completely understandable, open things I spoke to the people of Novgorod when I addressed them as part of my election manifesto. I have also discussed this with the chairman.

– Did Vladimir Vladimirovich congratulate you on your election victory, or somehow it did not come to that? Or is it a matter of course?

– We had a meeting in January, Vladimir Vladimirovich blessed me to go to the polls, said that he had no doubts – we could win.

– I remember when we made material with you on this subject. Tell me, have you been to the Donbass?

– In Zaporozhye. This is the city of Energodar, known for the latest alarms.

– Have you been there once?

– I was once, but my team works there all the time.

We help the neighborhood prepare for winter by repairing schools together. They all opened on September 1. We help the population to solve social and household issues. That is, our job is to do everything possible to make the life of the people there as comfortable and dignified as possible.

And I also reported on this to the President today, about the humanitarian work that our region is doing in the Zaporozhye region.

– Did you mention some numbers in your report, in general terms, not to load?

– There were many figures, I also talked about the fact that the budget in our region has almost doubled in 5 years …

– And Energodar, Zaporozhye?

– The numbers sounded, but it’s not about the numbers, it’s about something else. It doesn’t matter how much we spend, relatively speaking, the result matters. And we took care of the result, which we had to provide before September 1 so that the children go to school.

And we also tried to make sure that the children from Zaporizhzhya rest in the sanatoriums of the Crimea, and a whole group came to Novgorod, the boys liked it very much. We help train personnel for the municipal government. Because it is also very important that the people who work there understand how to solve certain problems.

And of course we work very closely here with the Zaporozhye administration, with the leadership of the Zaporozhye region. Obviously, we’re all doing this as part of our one and only team.

– And you have not discussed the subject of his appeal with the president – or is everything clear here?

– Look, there was also a speech by Vladimir Vladimirovich dedicated to the 1160th anniversary of the founding of Russia, and he said this in the Novgorod Kremlin.

– Yes!

– Right in the place where Alexander Nevsky gathered regiments near the walls of St. Sophia, where Alexander II uttered words about the great role of Russia in the history of mankind.

It seems to me very symbolic that on this day in Veliky Novgorod also very important words were heard by Vladimir Vladimirovich about the historical role of our state.

You know, I spoke later with Novgorodians sitting in the square listening to the President’s speech. They said, “What an energetic president we have.” Indeed, – confidence, calmness, energy. We witnessed all of this last Wednesday while on vacation, next to the President.

– Thank you very much, Andrey Sergeevich.

– I’m glad to hear from you.

– Good luck!

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