Apocalypse in the dark: cities of Ukraine plunged into the Middle Ages, looters rob and kill in the streets

Residents of Kiev and Lviv are preparing on social networks to rob supermarkets and discuss pogroms

Residents of Kiev and Lviv are preparing on social networks to rob supermarkets and discuss pogroms

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Life in Ukraine is getting more and more interesting. If they don’t send them to the front lines, they will kill or kidnap them on the streets of cities. Looters empty empty apartments that used to be under alarm. Passers-by are robbed and murdered in the dark streets, foreigners are already kidnapped to demand ransom. As the city council prepares for a long-term electricity and heat cut, residents are wondering: Will there be pogroms?

In the Ukrainian public, they are already discussing what to grab first when robbing supermarkets in Kiev and Lvov. It is recommended to collect more cigarettes and moonshine, as they can always switch products. As well as wet wipes, which some Ukrainians have already adapted for washing. To wipe the whole body, 10 napkins are enough, and for someone even 5. For a home toilet, it is advisable to collect garbage bags. It is also recommended to bring candles and batteries and keep water supplies in the house for five days. Occasionally it is advised to fill it with a bathroom, a sink and even an aquarium, if any.


A native of Kiev Sergey (all names have been changed) has been collecting antiques for many years. I bought awards, gold coins, awards weapons, protective armor from European knights in the USA, at auctions in Europe, from dealers from Russia. All this has now become a suitcase without a handle: it is not convenient to carry it, but it is a pity to leave it behind.

“Then the Russian troops come and the National Guard takes everything,” the antiquarian laments. – Indeed, in Russia, collecting weapons is possible only with a permit. And who gives it to me? Because everything has to be sold for a penny. What I do not have time to sell, I will dig and still – I will leave.

Sergei says it has become difficult to sell antiques in Ukraine – few want to part with the currency, which is rising in price. They only take with them what fits in their pocket and costs more than gold: coins, jewelry. Which can be taken out unnoticed by the border guards. But great antiques can only be smuggled for money. But this does not mean that the information does not immediately fall into the hands of Ukrainian or Polish bandits. After all, robberies also take place in Poland and Romania. Both their own and that of others.

– What is happening now in the antiques market of Ukraine?

– Disaster. Several collections of knives from the Third Reich, knightly armor and helmets from France in the time of Louis XII, medieval weapons were thrown at Ukrainian sites at once. Items worth hundreds of thousands of euros. But even in Europe nobody needs these things.


– In a bank under lock and key?

– Banks can be nationalized, robbed by nationalists and collections can be protected, and each property becomes more and more difficult and dangerous. There is no electricity in the city for hours, cameras and security systems do not work. The streets are full of armed groups of illiterate citizens – no security will help. Yes, and they can put you under the article at any time – you give everything away yourself. Recently they stopped me at the post office, checked the phone and there the number from Russia was marked. I don’t even know whose. Maybe advertising. So almost killed. They let me go only when I showed them that the conversation lasted less than a second, and I myself am shaking, because in the car there is an album with coins worth tens of thousands of dollars, – says Sergey.

Outbreaks of criminal incidents due to blackouts are noted not only in the capital of Ukraine, but also in Lviv, Odessa, Kharkov.

“Apartment robberies have skyrocketed in Lviv,” notes a local resident named Andriy. – It has already come to the point that old people are afraid to leave their apartments. They kill for insignificant amounts of money, armed drug addicts extort money from pensioners, children kill their parents because of a modest pension. Rich people disappear one day, and everyone thinks they left for Europe. Foreigners are hunted all over Ukraine. Even former mercenaries are kidnapped to extort larger sums from their relatives. At the same time, the thieves are not afraid to withdraw money from ATMs. They drive towards them with the combat cover of entire Nationalist units.

According to Andrey, the armed formations of the territorial defense have already been criminalized to such an extent that they are gradually beginning to share the districts of Lviv with other groups. And not only by groups, but also by international groups. After all, smuggling with Poland started in the 90s and today these channels are used 100% in both directions.

Grenade launchers in diplomats’ cars

– Then they traded counterfeit electronics and clothing, then stolen foreign cars, and now even more drugs and weapons. The weapon is running on hands absolutely uncontrollably, Andrey notes. – In an old barn under a neighboring house, some soldiers have set up a warehouse with weapons. At night, cars with diplomatic Polish numbers drive to the windows of the basement and take boxes from there. Weapons would be sold from Ukrainian warehouses to criminal groups in Europe for a quarter of the price. Weapons reach the final buyers in the Czech Republic and Germany via the Polish border guards, says Andrey.

It remains to be hoped that local criminals with grenade launchers and machine guns will not conquer NATO bases with nuclear weapons, but some museums and bank vaults. After all, millions of Ukrainians were given the opportunity to settle in Europe according to their ideas of a decent life. And here Europe and the United States will have to be patient.

The situation when the Ukrainian criminals (it was they who used to be called “Russian” in the US and Europe) began to show interest in heavy weapons worried the head of the British National Crime Agency Graham Biggar.

He bluntly told the British media that “the grenade launchers, machine guns and grenades supplied by Western countries to the Ukrainian army could fall into the hands of criminal gangs and terrorists in Britain.” With all its consequences…


So far, military weapons from NATO are reaching numerous Ukrainian groups that are already cracking down on other traffickers in prostitutes, drugs and weapons in Europe. The calm will not last long: in Europe there will be a global redistribution of the criminal market, which is now occupied by ethnic groups from Africa and Asia. From the hands of criminals, army weapons will fall into the hands of extremists and terrorists. It’s only a matter of time.

Russia’s power structures are also noting the influx of weapons from the West. In the regions bordering Ukraine, the FSB regularly seizes dozens of machine guns, grenade launchers and even anti-aircraft missile systems. Handguns are offered for every taste. Among imported cartridges there are even ammunition marked “Ukraine” on the bottom of the case.

While the United States thinks about how to tighten control over the weapons it sends to Ukraine, a criminal revolution may break out in Europe, not a “colored” one. Perhaps only then will the term “deukranization” become synonymous with the term “decriminalization” all over the world.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at