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Yesterday this column discussed some of the data from the charter a detailed description of the emerging venture capital market. We argued that the information collected showed the existence of a Series C “crisis,” or a bottleneck in the capital ladder that startups climb.

Since there have been crunches at various stages in the past, the fact that Serie C is particularly stubborn today may not worry you. But since the C rounds can be seen as the gateway to late-stage startup status, many upstart tech companies are looking into a widening chasm from their Series A and B rounds and their hopes for the future.

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There is good news and bad news for early-stage tech companies.

Jeff Richards of GGV, a venture capitalist with a penchant for tweeting investment banking research (which never bothers us), noted on twitter in response to our report that while the Series C and D rounds look rather nasty today, there is reason to believe that a large number of late-stage companies will have enough cash to sustain themselves for several quarters ahead:

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