Are you male or not? Mothers of Russian soldiers urge Putin to meet | World


“The Council of Mothers and Women is in Moscow for the third day. We are trying in every possible way to get the authorities to dialogue,” Olga Cukanovová, the leader of the association, said in a video statement on social networks. She explained that her organization was responding to Putin’s planned November 27 meeting with mothers of soldiers.

The disgruntled women claim that the meeting is organized in advance. The server inquired about it Ukrainian truth.

“From experience I can say with certainty what kind of meeting it will be. Mothers will ask the right questions, which will be approved and verified in advance,” she said. “No person will come to the event whose participation has not been confirmed in advance,” she added.

“Vladimir Vladimirovich, are you a man or not? Do you have enough courage to meet face-to-face and in public with women whose participation will not be approved?” Cukanova also calls in her statement.

Putin’s announcement of partial mobilization on September 21 sparked a wave of protests across Russia. Although the large-scale demonstrations have since gradually died down, smaller protests by women are held from time to time.

The Council of Mothers and Women demands, among other things, that there be no irregularities in the mobilization, a ban on the use of nuclear weapons in Ukraine and peace negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, Vremya Tsukanova told Nastoyascheye station. The leader of the association states that her son, who is a soldier in the basic service, was forced to sign a contract so that he could be sent to fight in Ukraine.


By Peter Kavinsky

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