Armed fight in Eskişehir: 2 brothers were seriously injured

Armed fight: 2 brothers seriously injured

Two people were injured in the armed fight between the two groups on the street of bars in Eskişehir. A suspect was caught by the police with a pistol.

A discussion broke out between the two groups for an unknown reason in Vural Street, where the bars are located in Hoşnudiye Mahallesi of Tepebaşı district. Suspect AG shot and injured RA and his brother Ş.A in the legs with the gun he took from his waistband, then fled the scene with his friend.


The injured brothers were taken by ambulance after their first intervention by the medical teams who came upon notice. Eskisehir He was taken to Osmangazi University Faculty of Medicine and Yunus Emre State Hospital and was treated. According to the news of DHA; It was stated that the life-threatening conditions of both brothers continued.

Eskişehir Police Department teams determined that the suspect, who shot his 2 brothers in the leg with a pistol, was AG. AG, who was caught with his gun in a short time, was taken into custody. He was taken to the police station for his statement AG, which was subjected to a health check. It is stated that one more suspect is being sought in connection with the incident.

By Peter Kavinsky

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