“As bestas” and “La ruta” became the favorites of the Feroz 2023 award.

Zaragoza, 24 November (EFE). The feature film by Rodrigo Sorogoyen “As bestas” with ten nominations and the series by Borja Solera and Roberto Martin “La ruta” with six will be the favorites for the Feroz Awards 2023, which will be held for the second year in Zaragoza on January 28 and that nominations were made this Thursday.

The Pablo Gargallo Museum in the Aragonese capital has been selected to present the nominations for the tenth prize awarded by the Association of Film Informers of Spain (AICE), whose director Maria Guerra, together with the Deputy Mayor of Zaragoza, Sarah Fernández, presented the act.

Actors Mina El Hammani and Carlos Cuevas were responsible for revealing the names of works and performers nominated in 18 categories (eleven for film and seven for series), to which should be added the Feroz de Honor award that will bring Pedro Almodóvar and two Arrebato awards for artistic and scientific -popular literature, which will be announced on December 15th.

In the film categories, ten “Best of the Year” nominations tied the record for nominations with Feroz, who has so far held “Minimal Island”, “The Man with a Thousand Faces”, “Kingdom” and “Dolor and Glory.”

Alaud Ruiz de Azua’s Cinco lobitos will compete for seven prizes and Carlota Pereda’s Cerdita for six; “Modelo 77” will be presented in five nominations and in four “Year and One Night”.

Alcarras, Girasoles Silvestre, Mother and Manticore will compete in three categories; “In the Fields”, “The Rite of Spring”, “Crooked Lines of God” and “Vasily” will make it to the awards with two nominations, and with one – “Official Competition”, “The Fourth Passenger”, “You Have I Must Visit Her” and “I’m going to have a good time.”

For the first time in the history of these awards, four women directors are nominated in the Best Director section along with Sorogoyen: Pilar Palomero and Carla Simon with their second feature films, and Carlota Pereda and Alauda Ruiz de Azua with their debut. movies. .

In the Best Movie Lead Character category, newcomer Carla Quiles, winner of the Silver Shell for The Mother, competes against Laura Galan (Angry), two-time Feroz winner Anna Castillo (Wild Sunflowers). , Laya Costa (“Five cubs”) and the Frenchwoman Marina Fuis (“Like the best”).

Six candidates for the title of best actor due to equality of votes: Carra Elejalde (“Vasil”), Miguel Herran (“Model 77”), Denis Menoche (“Like the best”), Nahuel Perez Biscayar (“Not a year, one night”) , Nacho Sanchez (Manticore) and Luis Tosar (In the Fields).

In the best trailer category, Miguel Angel Trudu adds two more nominations (with “As bestas” and “Manticore”) to the previous seven nominations, in addition to Marta Longas (“Angry”), Aitor Tapia (“Model 77″) and Jordi Rins (” Crooked Lines of God”).

Rins is also a finalist for the Best Poster Award for a poster he made with Lucia Faraig for “As bestas”, as well as Eduardo Garcia and Jorge Fuembuena (“Angry”), Gonzalo Rute and Kim Vives (“Silvestre Girasoles”). “), Micah Murphy (“The Rite of Spring”) and Carlos Vermuth for the poster for their third feature film, Manticore.

In the TV series, La Ruta has the most nominations, up to six, followed by four, appreciating Eclipse, Proximity, I Don’t Like Driving, and Rapa; triple “Easy” and “Unit”; two from “Self Defense” and “The Gypsy Bride” and one from “The Immortal” and “Las últimas de la fila”.

By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at