Austria reduced dependence on Russian gas from 79% to 21%

Austria, which imported 79% of its natural gas from Russia at the beginning of February this year, is now 21% dependent on Russian gas.

It is reported by Ukrinform with reference to Austria Press Agentur.

“Austria has been able to reduce its dependence on Russian gas supplies within months to 21% in September. E-Control (Austrian energy regulator – ed.) the share of Russian gas imports at the start of the war was 79% in February this year,” the report said.

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It is noted that, as part of its strategy to replace Russian gas, Austria has booked pipeline capacity in the amount of 40 terawatt hours (TWh) in both German and Italian directions. This allows the country to buy gas from Norway, liquefied natural gas and small amounts of gas from North Africa and Central Asia.

“We have taken a big step towards eliminating dependence on Russian gas. I want to thank everyone who made this possible: energy suppliers who were looking for new supplier countries and all the people who save energy at home,” said the Austrian Minister of Climate Protection, Environment, Energy, Transport, Innovation and Technology Leonore Gewessler.

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At the same time, she stressed that the Austrians will only become “truly free” when they can “completely do without Russian gas”. “We are working full steam ahead on this every day,” she added.

As Ukrinform reported, Austria’s gas storage facilities were more than 90% full on Nov. 1 and held 87.9 terawatt-hours of natural gas, which is close to the country’s annual volume of gas consumption.

By Peter Kavinsky

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