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Autonomous car pulled over by police in San Francisco



Autonomous car pulled over by police in San Francisco

Welcome to the future.

A video posted to Instagram earlier this month by user @b.rad916 reveals what happened when police attempted to stop an autonomous car in San Francisco, California.

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In the video, the car operated by self-driving vehicle company Cruise is pulled over with a police vehicle behind it. The officer walks towards the driver’s side of the vehicle, only for it to zoom away, before crossing the intersection and pulling over yet again with its hazard lights on.

Cruise — a company owned by General Motors (GM) — responded to the video on Twitter, stating that the autonomous car pulled over to the nearest “safe location for the traffic stop, as intended.” Cruise says that the officer contacted the company. It’s still unclear what the autonomous vehicle was pulled over for.


Image credit: Screenshot @b.rad916

Source: @Cruise, @b.rad916

Source: MobileSyrup

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