Belgium seized such a huge amount of cocaine that it could not be cleaned up St



We have problems with the capacity of the incinerators and the rapid disposal of confiscated goods is an ongoing problem, says Adyns. Due to the technical limitations of licensed incinerators and environmental standards, we have to use several incinerators, he explained, adding that one is in sight.

The Belgian authorities are the main gateway to Europe for cocaine from China, the AFP agency stressed. Belgian authorities predict that 100 tonnes will be seized this year, breaking the current record of 89.5 tonnes of cocaine.

The sacrifice is not only caused by the total amount of seized drugs, but also by the rules and technical possibilities. Only about one and 1.5 tons of cocaine can be split at a time. In addition, the dates in the incinerators must be pre-ordered, which is very expensive for full-service companies. De Standaard reports that packaging the cocaine releases a substance that damages the filters in the incinerators.

The police in Antwerp have recorded attempts to shoot drones around a warehouse with drugs and movements of suspicious persons. According to them, the amount of stored drugs is an invitation to thieves and therefore the problem must be solved quickly.


By Peter Kavinsky

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