Benefits for pensioners on a communal apartment, taxes and public transport in Russia in 2022, which are required

The average pension in Russia is now about 18 thousand rubles.

The average pension in Russia is now about 18 thousand rubles.

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Each region has different retirement benefits – they depend on the local budget, legislation, living conditions. For example, in the Far North, with its harsh conditions, all residents, including retirees, receive extra social support. But in other regions, there are benefits for retirees in several areas.

1. Which taxes do not have to be paid?

Retirees have the right not to pay property tax. These are residential buildings, apartments, rooms, cottages, garages, buildings and structures. To get this benefit, you must contact the tax authorities and submit an application.

At the same time, an important nuance is that not all property, but only one object is covered by the benefit. That is, if a pensioner owns two apartments, then he can withdraw from the tax one – to choose from.

In some regions, the government also takes on the transport tax. But only for one vehicle. All other taxes that retirees pay in general order. At the same time, the pensions themselves are not taxed in any way. Income tax is only payable on the wages (if the pensioner continues to work).

2. What you can drive for free

Benefits for public transportation fares vary from region to region. Somewhere where you can travel for free, both in the city and in the region. And somewhere there are basically no advantages.

To find out what benefits are available in the region, you should contact the local social security agency or check the public services portal ( In order to obtain the right to preferential travel, you must, as a rule, prepare documents. At the same time, if desired, the benefit can be redeemed, that is, instead of free travel, receive a monetary compensation.

3. Maintain good health

Health benefits also depend on where you live and what your social status is. In addition to the options included in mandatory health insurance, retirees can take advantage of discounts on medications, medical exams, vaccinations, vouchers and special benefits for retirees with disabilities.

Check with your local health department to find out what benefits are available in your area. Well, or on the same portal of public services (

4. Utility Discounts

For non-working retirees, there are benefits for paying for housing and municipal services and for paying for major repairs. For example, retirees over the age of 70 can receive compensation – 50% for paying revision premiums, after reaching the age of 80 the costs are fully reimbursed. The amount of the compensation depends on the minimum amount of contributions per square metre. m of the total area and the accepted normative area standard in the region. So, if a pensioner lives in a large apartment, the area of ​​​​which exceeds the norm, the compensation may not fully cover the overhaul.

An important nuance is that in order to get a refund, you must first pay for the overhaul and then apply for a refund from Social Security.


How to find out what suits you

Here is the correct algorithm of actions. Check the information for your region on the public services portal, contact social security or one of the multifunctional centers (MFCs). They tell you exactly what you need. If you are not only a retiree, but also a labor veteran, you are entitled to additional benefits – both federal and local.


Uniform State Social Security System. Click here for information on social support and protection measures that are right for you.

– Section on benefits for retirees on the portal “Public services”.


Mortgage holidays and more

A mortgage is a long-term loan. Therefore, some of those who retire continue to pay the debt for an apartment. In 2021, the legislator has expanded the options for retirees. Now they can take mortgage vacations.

If the employee stops due to retirement, he can send a request for postponement to the bank. And for half a year to reduce the monthly payments or not to do it at all. The Bank will roll over the deferred amounts until the end of the schedule without additional interest.

Remember that mortgage holidays are a grace period when a borrower in a difficult life situation has the right not to make or reduce monthly payments. At the same time, the borrower does not accrue penalties for delays, the credit history does not deteriorate and there is no risk of housing loss.

Most importantly, this period can be used without the permission of the creditor bank. Basic conditions: this is the only residence, the maximum loan amount is 15 million rubles, the terms of the contract have not been changed before.

To arrange a vacation, you need to send a request to the bank – the form must be provided by the bank itself. This can be done in person, by e-mail or online via your personal account. Attach supporting documents to the request – check their list beforehand with the bank.

Another little-known benefit is that retirees have the option to receive years of deductions and tax refunds before buying an apartment. If you bought a house after entering into a pension, you can claim a deduction for the year of purchase, but also for the three previous years, even if you continue to work. And immediately refund the tax for 4 years. No one else has this advantage.

Remember that a tax deduction is the amount by which you can reduce income when calculating personal income tax. The deductions only apply to income taxed at the rate of 13%. The pension is not taxed, so in the absence of other income, the pensioner cannot use the deductions. He does not pay personal income tax and cannot reclaim it from the budget.

Who will receive a raise from 1 October?

The first day of October is the Day of the Elders. In some regions, retirees receive increases from the local authorities in this regard. Somewhere the surcharges will be 500 rubles, and somewhere – 1200 rubles. There are no federal payments in this regard, only regional ones.

The conditions for receiving payments are also different: in some regions it is reaching a certain age or the need for long-term residence and work in the profession, in others it is the presence of a disability.

In addition, payments for Russians over 80 will also increase. More specifically for those who have reached this age in September. For them, the payment of a fixed amount will double. From 6.5 to 13 thousand rubles per month. Keep in mind that a fixed amount is only part of the AOW. It is appointed for those who meet the minimum requirements for seniority and accrued pension points.

For example, the average pension in Russia is now about 18 thousand rubles. If the standard fixed payment is 6,500 rubles, the rest is an insurance pension. The size depends entirely on the pension points that are accrued during work.

In addition, from October 1, the size of military pensions, as well as army salaries, will be indexed in Russia. The payments will be received by those who have served under contract or conscription, former employees of the National Guard, the Ministry of the Interior, the Federal Security Service, the Federal Penitentiary Service, the Ministry of Emergency Situations and a number of other departments.

The increase is due to the fact that there will be an indexation of 4% of the monetary compensation of military personnel. Also, a raise will be received by military retirees who have received a pension for service, disability or survivors. The recalculation takes place from October 1 of the current year in automatic mode. You don’t have to go anywhere for a pay rise.

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