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Generation Z favorite social app BeReal there was a lengthy glitch today that the company only acknowledged as brief – and rather vague – tweetstating: “Yeah, we’re in.” In recent months, the Paris-based app maker has seen its photo-sharing service rise to the top of the App Store, at times edging out rivals like Facebook, Instagram and even TikTok from the top spot. But the company has also developed a reputation for not being very outgoing—a model that seems to extend to its own users as well.

To date, the startup has not officially offered press interviews for the record, though it has been willing to meet with some for informal briefings. (Or presumably in the background if you Financial Times.)

However, this hesitancy in communication goes beyond the media. Today, as BeReal experienced a lengthy outage — which lasted several hours and frustrated its users who were no longer able to upload photos — the company had little to say.

Meanwhile, dedicated users stormed the account’s Twitter responses asking for more information, while others posted their complaints in the #BeRealDown hashtag. Many simply wanted to know if the problems they experienced with the app were affecting others. They didn’t have information.

Upon receiving the comment, BeReal declined to answer a number of questions related to its outage, including what caused it, how widespread it was, and whether the company knew when it would be resolved.

Understandably, his team may have struggled to resolve technical issues before responding to these requests. But when the failure was fixed a few hours later, we were only shown this tweet which said, “All is well now.”

This lack of transparency on the part of a company that simultaneously forces millions of its users to “be real” with each other is starting to wear off.

At this point, we have to wonder how such a company would react if there ever was a bigger problem affecting its platform. What if BeReal gets data leaked or hacked? What if bad actors somehow interact with the platform – will BeReal then say something?

The company can’t keep pretending it’s a tiny independent app maker. it raised $30M Series Aled by Andreessen Horowitz and Axel, followed by Series B by DST Globalstartup valuation, prepayment at $600+ million, the message says. The application has According to Sensor Tower, it has almost 46 million installs. Today, the app is still #3 on the US iPhone App Store non-gaming charts, only temporarily outperformed by widget apps after the launch of iOS 16. plans to monetize with subscriptions soon.

While avoiding the press may be a strategy BeReal is using at the moment, not communicating with its users seems like a mistake. BeReal is on the rise, but can’t count on continued success just yet.

After all, young people are very fickle when it comes to trying and giving up on new social experiences. Tiktok is just completely cloned the entire BeReal format like Instagram as well as Snapchat to some extent. If BeReal wants to be seen as a company and not just a feature to be copied, it’s time to act accordingly.

Peter Kavinsky

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