Berlin considers mobilization in Russia a sign of failure in Ukraine – DW – 21.09.2022

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The German government strongly criticized the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin, who announced a partial mobilization in the Russian Federation for wars against Ukraine. German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is sure that the failure of the Russian army in Ukraine is the cause. Scholz took note of Putin’s statements, the official representative of the German government said in Berlin on Wednesday, September 21.

He recalled that Putin had to regroup his troops and leave the Kiev area, but the Kremlin failed to achieve the desired success in eastern Ukraine. “This is a visible sign that Ukraine is defending its territorial integrity and sovereignty very effectively, not least because of the large-scale and serious support from many countries of the world, especially from Germany,” the statement continued.

Khabek: a step in further escalation

The decision to mobilize is a step to “escalate further this military aggression against Ukraine, in violation of international law,” said German Vice-Chancellor Robert Habeck. According to him, this is a “terrible and wrong move” by the Kremlin. Habek stressed that Berlin “will of course continue to fully support Ukraine.”

Delegates from the Bundestag of the SPD, which is part of the ruling coalition, consider the announcement of a partial mobilization in Russia a “sign of weakness” by the Russian leadership. “But this is also a new escalation,” said Katja Mast, parliamentary secretary of the Social Democratic Group. According to her, Putin’s decision is proof that he is ready to continue the aggression, so it is necessary to continue to support Ukraine, which is defending itself against the Russian invasion.

“Putin’s new escalation does not predispose us to the possibility of early peace talks,” she added. When it comes to arms supplies to Ukraine, Mast insisted on continuing to abide by agreements with allies and not just making decisions.

The Bundestag declares Putin’s despair

A spokesman for another ruling party, the Free Democratic Party (FDP), sees Putin’s decision as a gesture of desperation. It testifies to Russia’s significant military losses, I’m sure the representative of the FDP faction Ulrich Lechte (Ulrich Lechte). “Slowly but surely, desperation is taking over Vladimir Putin and the Defense Ministry,” he told dpa. The politician did not rule out a further escalation, stressing that Germany “would remain firmly on the side of Ukraine”.

According to Johann Wadenphul, deputy leader of the largest opposition faction, the CDU/CSU, Putin has now completely dropped the mask. “Ukraine has a chance successfully defend your country and liberate the territories occupied by Russia“, – he is sure. At the same time, the conservative emphasized the need further substantial support from the global community and supplies of heavy weapons to Ukraine. Norbert Röttgen, another leading politician of the conservative faction, said the mobilization announced in Russia is an expression of weaknesses of the Russian president. “Putin is under pressure. He had to announce something… to maintain the appearance of strength,” he said.

Putin announced partial mobilization

Earlier that day, Putin gave an address to the citizens of the country and announced a partial mobilization with the aim of ‘defending our homeland and our integrity’. At the same time, he referred to the decision of the self-proclaimed “DPR” and “LPR”, as well as the occupation authorities of the Kharkiv and Zaporozhye regions to holding referendums for the purpose of joining the Russian Federation. The corresponding decree has already been signed, the chambers of the Federal Assembly have been informed of the decision and the mobilization will start on the same day, Putin said.

He promised that only those civilians who are on the reservation, who have served in the military and have certain military specialties, will be conscripted. At the same time, the published decree does not mention the criteria and principles of mobilization, as well as explanations of its “partial” nature.

Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu, in turn, said 300,000 reservists would be called up as part of the mobilization.

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