Berlin discusses with allies Warsaw’s initiative to transfer Patriot to Ukraine

The German side is discussing with the Allies Poland’s initiative to transfer Patriot air defense systems to Ukraine.

That is what the spokeswoman for the German government, Christina Hoffmann, said during a briefing on Friday, reports a correspondent from Ukrinform.

“It is important that the federal government makes an offer to NATO ally Poland and supports it in the field of security. Of course, we took into account Poland’s reaction to this proposal, as well as the fact that our proposal was received positively by the public in Poland. … We are now consulting with Poland and our allies on how we will continue to act with the Polish initiative,” Hoffmann said.

She acknowledged that transferring the air defense systems directly to Ukraine would create a “new situation”. Until then, Germany supported Ukraine with the IRIS-T air defense system, as well as Gepard tanks and other models are coordinated. She stressed that Germany is in constant contact with Ukraine to help this state defend itself against Russian aggression.

In turn, Defense Ministry representative David Helmbold noted that the Defense Ministry is very closely following the discussion on this issue, which continues in Poland. “After that, we will decide how to proceed,” the officer said. He emphasized that the Patriot is part of NATO’s integrated air defense system, in which logistics and connectivity are very important.

When asked how long it takes to train Patriot systems management specialists, Helmbold said months, and if we are talking about issues of the integrated NATO system, years.

The day before, German Defense Minister Christine Lambrecht said that the possibility of using NATO defense systems outside the territory of member states, particularly in Ukraine, should be agreed with other member states of the alliance. “Patriot systems are part of NATO’s integrated air defense, so this proposal could have been made to Poland… Initiatives building on this should now be discussed with NATO and our allies,” she added.

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As reported last Monday, Germany offered Poland to deploy Patriot missile defense systems to the Polish-Ukrainian border after a missile incident on Polish territory. Poland, in turn, offered to deploy these complexes from the Ukrainian side of the border.

By Peter Kavinsky

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