BEŞİKTAŞ TRANSFER NEWS – Black Eagle’s Japanese striker! Takuma will sponsor Asano transfer

President at Beşiktaş Ahmet Nur Cebion the 2nd of August Honda In the sponsorship agreement made with the company, he said, “This unity between the two countries, maybe he will join our team in the future. Japanese with a football player or JapanI hope we will crown a Turkish football player who will go to Turkey” is about to come true.


According to the news of Hürriyet; In talks with Honda for the Black and Whites to recruit a Japanese player Bochumright open playing in Takuma Asano came to the fore. The Japanese auto giant is currently with the national team. TrainIt has been learned that the 28-year-old football player in Istanbul has started working on the transfer of Beşiktaş to Beşiktaş.


Asano, who played 7 games with Bochum this season and produced 1 assist, missed 9 games in the league while injured in the 6th week. After being away from the team for 2 months, Asano recovered and was invited to the World Cup squad of the Japanese National Team.

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By Peter Kavinsky

Peter Kavinsky is the Executive Editor at