Between Whom and When Was the Pasinler War?

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It has an important place in Turkish history in terms of being the first Byzantine-Seljuk war, which is an important phase of Anatolia being a homeland for the Turks. What is the significance of the Battle of Pasinler? In what year was the Battle of Pasinler fought? Request, History of the Battle of Pasinler All the details about…

Between Which States Was the Pasinler War?

The Battle of Pasinler, which took place as a result of the raids of İbrahim Yınal Bey, a Seljuk ruler, on Anatolia; It took place between the Seljuks and the Byzantine Empire. The Georgian Kingdom was also allied with the Byzantine Empire. History of the Battle of Pasinleris 1048.

History of the Battle of Pasinler

The Byzantine Empire was included in the internal struggles that arose in the Georgian Kingdom on its eastern border, and IV. They supported Liparit and accepted him as a Byzantine ruler.

With these developments on the eastern border of the Byzantine Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Seljuks became neighbors. The Seljuks, who wanted to learn the extent of the Byzantine power in this region, made a raid on Anatolia in 1048 and captured some Byzantine cities at the end of these raids.

The Byzantine emperor IX, who was very disturbed by these Seljuk raids on Anatolia. Constantine created an army in the region and a Georgian unit was added to this army. The Byzantine-Georgian army, which was formed to stop the Seljuk raids, started to wait for the Seljuk armies by deploying in Pasinler Plain.

The Seljuk army, commanded by Kutalmış and İbrahim Yınal Bey, and the Byzantine-Georgian armies came face to face on 10 September 1048 in the Pasinler Plain, and the war resulted in the victory of the Seljuks.

At the end of the war, IV. The Seljuk armies, who took many captives, including Liparit, also obtained great booty.

At the end of the war, at the request of the Byzantine Empire, the two states signed a peace treaty. According to the provisions of this peace, the Byzantine Empire; They agreed to repair the mosque and madrasah built by the Umayyads in Istanbul and to embroider the arrow and bow signs, which are the symbols of Tugrul Bey, on the mosque.

Causes of the Pasinler War

It took place in 1048 and resulted in the victory of the Seljuk State. Causes of the Pasinler War is as follows:

  • Seljuks wanting to Turkify Anatolia.
  • The fact that the raids of the Seljuk raiders on Anatolia were a great threat to the Byzantine Empire.
  • The Byzantine Empire did not want a strong state on its eastern border.

Results of the Battle of Pasinler

Battle of Pasinler; It is considered as the war that opened the doors of Anatolia to the Turks. Featured Results of the Battle of Pasinler are:

  • The Seljuk army, which won the war, obtained a great booty.
  • The commander of the Georgian forces, IV. Liparite was taken prisoner by the Seljuks.
  • It was understood that the Byzantine Empire was far from its former power.
  • With this war, the gates of Anatolia were opened for the Turks. After this date, the raids on Anatolia continued increasingly.

The Significance of the Battle of Pasinler

the Battle of Pasinler in 1048; It has a great importance in terms of being the first of the Seljuk – Byzantine wars that will last until 1306. With the Battle of Pasinler, in which the Seljuks had a very important strategic victory, the gates of Anatolia were opened for the Turks and the Seljuks achieved a great moral superiority. Also the Battle of Pasinler; It has taken its place in historical sources as the first war victory of the Seljuks against the Byzantine Empire.

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