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Hundreds of rubber boots, old guns and rifles were captured, the occupiers beat the civilians with electricity, small arms and bullets from the wall. The prosecutor’s office said they believed there were a hundred pipes and handcuffs in one room. They used various methods of torture, physical and psychological violence, she added.

The investigation continues, the prosecutor’s office noted, saying it is trying to locate all the victims.

The Ukrainian army liberated Kherson from Russian occupation around Nov. 11, after which Kiev repeatedly accused the Russians of committing serious crimes and atrocities in the Kherson region, the AFP agency said. Moscow has not yet responded to these allegations. Despite the many testimonies, Russia continues to spread crime in Ukraine for a long time.

Nineteen-year-old Oleksandr Maksimenko recently told the BBC that he was held captive in a wall near the police station by Russian troops during the occupation of Kherson. He was in a room with 15 other men who were brutally beaten and tortured, some of whom electrocuted their marketer, the BBC said, citing Maksymenko’s testimony.

A few days ago, the station reported that Ukraine had announced the discovery of 63 dead civilians near Kherson, who showed signs of torture.

The representative of the Ukrainian presidential office, Kyrylo Tymoenko, announced on Monday that a fighter had died in the Russian hospital Kherson in the early hours of the morning. The injured have been taken to the regional hospital.

During the hospitalization, one of the fighters died, according to the Russian-language BBC Tymoenko. In addition, a woman was injured in the Russian hospital in the Antonivka suburb, he added.

Hospital not located

Kherson residents can’t escape memories of the terrifying eight months they spent under Russian occupation, the AP agency said. Many people move around, there are mines everywhere, many shops and restaurants are closed, people do not have enough electricity and water. During the day and night the explosions were heard, the fighting is just behind the Dnpre echo.

After the invasion forces from Kherson on the left bank of the Dnieper, the Russian positions are behind the river opposite the city. The orphanage Dlosteleck of Kherson and the surrounding area will not stop there, said one of the local residents.

Despite the hardships, residents are expressing optimism and even joy, thanks in no small part to regaining the ability to express themselves freely, in AP about the city, where the original population of 300,000 has been reduced to 80,000.

Russian troops occupied Kherson shortly after the invasion stopped, and Moscow attempted to annex it in the fall. Not so long ago, the Russian army retreated under the pressure of the Ukrainian counter-offensive to the left bank of the Dnieper.


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