Body Positivity with Trainer, Danyele Wilson

Growing up as a gymnast, cheerleader, and athletically built Black woman, Danyele didn’t often see bodies like hers represented in fitness or competing alongside her on her sports teams. As a teenager and young adult, Danyele struggled to accept her 5-foot-11 frame and defined muscles, and eventually fell out of love with fitness after leaving team sports in college. She eventually discovered HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training), which finally made her feel like an athlete again, and has since made it her goal to empower women to see fitness as a means for gaining (strength, confidence, and positive self-image) more than losing (pounds, inches, dress sizes, etc.).

She is one of the featured trainers on the “EvolveYou” app, a female-founded fitness community helping women build confidence and strength from the inside out. More than just a fitness app, EvolveYou provides women of all backgrounds, fitness levels, shapes, and sizes with the tools needed to maintain and enjoy a balanced lifestyle. EvolveYou recognizes that access to flexible and customizable fitness plans is only one component of a healthy life. By offering an interactive community forum, a library of thousands of nutritious recipes, and gym and home workout plans that are carefully programmed by EvolveYou’s world-class trainers, the innovative app offers all the tools needed to build and maintain healthy routines.

The Chicago Defender spoke with Danyele Wilson about her experience as a Black female athlete and trainer for the EvolveYou App and why it’s important for women to incorporate a healthy lifestyle as a form of self-care.

 For more on Danyele Wilson follow her on social media @DanyeleWilson. Download the EvolveYou app via Apple IOS and Android Google Play to start your 14-day free trial. For additional information about EvolveYou, visit, and for frequently updated content, follow @EvolveYou on social media.


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