Bolsonaro decides to challenge the result of Brazil’s presidential election

Jair Bolsonaro, who lost the presidential election in Brazil, is appealing the result due to alleged technical problems.

Ukrinform reports this Reuters.

It is noted that Bolsonaro’s team points to reportedly discovered “signs of irremediable problems” in some ballot-receiving machines during the runoff election.

However, it is unlikely that Bolsonar’s reproaches will be the result, as another candidate’s victory has already been approved by the Supreme Court and recognized by the leading Brazilian politicians and international allies. However, they can encourage a small but dedicated protest movement that still refuses to accept the result,” the material says.

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Bolsonaro’s lawyers were ordered by the Supreme Electoral Court, where the complaint against the election results was lodged, to provide evidence within 24 hours so that the complaint would not be dismissed.

Recall that the politician has not yet publicly acknowledged his own loss in the October 30 elections ordered the government to prepare for the transfer of power.

By Peter Kavinsky

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