Border guards destroyed a group of saboteurs in the Donetsk . region

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Peter Kavinsky

In the direction of Svyatogorsk of the Donetsk region, border guards destroyed a group of Russian saboteurs.

According to Ukrinform, this is reported by press service of the State Border Guard.

“One of the border units operating in the direction of Svyatogorsk destroyed a group of enemy saboteurs. The sabotage group tried to swim across the Seversky Donets River and get behind our troops. Using a thermal imaging camera, the border guards discovered that the enemy was preparing to overcome a water obstacle, and when the boat with four saboteurs reached the middle of the river, they opened fire. During the shelling, the invaders’ boat capsized. The thermal imager did not register a single resident who could come ashore,” the report said.

Read like thisthe same: SBU arrested Russian saboteurs of the former Motorola group in the Donetsk . region

As Ukrinform reported, Ukraine’s armed forces liquidated about 54,810 Russian soldiers from February 24 to September 20, which is 160 more than the previous day. Also, the defenders of Ukraine destroyed 2216 Russian tanks (+2 units), armored fighting vehicles – 4724 (+4) units, artillery systems – 1323 (+10) units, MLRS – 318 (+6), air defense systems – 168 (+0) , aircraft – 252 (+1) units, helicopters – 217 (+0) units, operational-tactical level UAVs – 925 (+5), cruise missiles – 239 (+1), ships/boats -15 units, automotive equipment and tankers – 3587 (+6) units, special equipment – 125 (+3). The enemy suffered the greatest losses in the Bakhmut and Donetsk directions.


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