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President Recep Tayyip Erdogan He spoke at his party’s group meeting. The highlights of Erdogan’s speech are as follows:

“At the beginning of my words, I wish all our citizens who felt the 5.9 magnitude earthquake in Düzce, which we experienced early this morning, get well soon. I wish a speedy recovery to our citizens who were injured in the earthquake. and carries out compensatory work.

In order to prepare Turkey for earthquakes, we have been renewing our building infrastructures for 20 years, from TOKİ projects to urban transformation projects. By declaring 2022 the year of earthquake drills, we carried out more than 94 thousand activities. Gölyaka earthquake showed how close the earthquake reality is. May Allah protect our country from all kinds of accidents.


I wish Yusufeli Dam, which we opened yesterday, and Yusufeli settlements to be beneficial for our country once again. I would like to thank our Yusufeli brothers for leaving their homes, workplaces behind in order to bring this service to our country. We tried to express our gratitude to our brothers by building a brand new modern Yusufeli with its residences, workplaces and public buildings in the district center.

We greeted Togg with applause. We welcome Yusufeli Dam as a symbol of infrastructure. I would like to thank everyone who contributed to the bringing of this monumental work to our country.

There is 5 billion recycling a year. It will finance itself with this income in 7 years. We have accomplished this threshold of 35 billion from the national budget. Mr. Kemal, learn what we do and where we do it. We will do. We have brought a truly proud work to our country.

In the past days, we participated in the Organization of Turkish States and the G20 Summits, enabling our country to cover new distances in its diplomacy efforts. I leave my comprehensive assessments to the post-Cabinet statement.


Today, I would like to share the developments and new steps regarding terrorist attacks.

The perpetrators of the bomb attack on Istiklal Street and their contacts were soon clarified. The terrorists and their assistants who planted the bomb were brought to justice. Whoever is involved in this action, from the top to the bottom, will definitely be found and accounted for.

Turkey now has the power to detect, catch and punish terrorists who are involved in attacks against our country and our nation and anyone who helps them. Those who condemned the attack with crocodile tears emerged with their reaction to the operation.

As with every agreement we make, we have remained faithful to our covenants regarding our borders with Syria. Since those in front of us cannot keep their own words, we have the right to take care of ourselves. Like every word we say, there are very concrete reasons and undeniable truths behind this statement.


Since the beginning of the year, the ringleaders of the terrorist organization have been showing their true faces with their statements and orders to attack civilians. In the last year, 153 security guards and 173 citizens were martyred in 87 different acts of terrorism by the PKK and related organizations within the borders of our country. The number of terrorists neutralized reaches 13,500.

The organization, which lost its base support after the resolution process and whose presence in Northern Iraq declined, focused all its attention on Syria. I would like to express that we can no longer tolerate anyone coming to us with this lie. Our operations with planes and SİHAs are just the beginning. Our determination to close all of our southern borders with a security strip is stronger.


We formed a part of this strip with the cross-border operations we carried out. We will take care of boiled places like Tel Rifat, Manbij and Ayn El Arab one by one. While we continue our air operations without interruption, we will mount the terrorists by land at the most convenient time for us. The day is near when those concrete tunnels will become their graves.

Iraq and Syria should not be disturbed. These operations of ours will secure the territorial integrity of Iraq and Syria. Our only concern is to build the safe, peaceful and prosperous future of our own citizens and brothers.

The attacks, which have intensified both within the country and in the border region recently, are related to the calculations of the terrorist organization and those who unleashed it on Turkey’s future. The abdominal pain of those who hold their strings with the terrorist organization is obvious. They are disturbed by the fact that our country is walking towards the future in confidence and stability.

They think that by attacking our border cities with mortars, they will discourage our nation. They think that they will turn our country from the path of the Turkish Century with economic tests. They do not know that it has been a long time since we passed these stages. Our message is clear to those who still try to bring Turkey to its knees by sly methods, rubbing the nose of the tutelage, defeating the vandals who want to confuse the streets, burying the terrorists in pits, and not congratulating the economic hit men; you will not succeed.


It points to everything from the global financial crisis to the Covid-19 pandemic, from the Russia-Ukraine war to the supply crisis. How they can get down on their knees at the slightest threat.

By 2022, our export target is 250 billion dollars, and we exceed this. My nation will not give the opportunity they seek in 2023 to those who seek sacrifice for themselves in order to keep the outdated global management and economy system alive. I’m calling from here; It is imperative that we work hard together and win the heart of each individual. I believe that we will leave a beautiful legacy to future generations that will make them remember each and every one of us.


As we continue our struggle against threats to our survival as a country and nation, we also follow the developments inside.

Throughout history, all philosophers and scholars have sought an answer to the question of what is politics. Politics has the meanings of managing, educating, educating as the root of the word. Politics, on the other hand, referred to activities related to the administration of the state.

In our country, which was previously governed by Parliamentary Democracy, serious problems were experienced in terms of trust and stability. In the name of stability, we changed our management system with the favor of our nation. Coalition periods and the shadow of tutelage that became a part of it and the chain of coups have had heavy costs. We solved this problem by switching to the Presidential Government System.

The fact that the President came to power with the support of more than half of the people brought the democratic legitimacy of the administration to the highest level. The responsibility of the CHP leader, who had no experience in state administration except for the period of the SSK General Directorate, is a separate comedy. Apart from the responsibility of being the head of the second largest party in the country, this person needs to be aware of the sensitivity that he should show as a citizen.

What I’m going to say now may be a little harsh, but it is well-deserved. Since we are talking about responsibility, the poor person who says that he manages his own state and budget with drug money is the last person. He cannot speak of pathetic responsibility, who says he accuses his own state of surrendering his country to the mafia. No matter how many enemies of Turkey there are abroad, it cannot come together with the heedless responsibility that plays into their hands. It cannot talk about the cowardly responsibility that tries to make the party under the control of a terrorist organization a partner in the administration of the country. Those who talk about corruption, theft, and immorality and close their eyes to the scandals in their own municipalities cannot compete with the side of inadequate responsibility. We have seen in the Gezi events what vile calculations those who attacked a government that increased the forest and green presence in its country the most in the world by calling it a tree were after. Since the person at the head of the CHP started babbling as a tree, the watch passed to him. While the whole world is talking about Turkey’s achievements, from the Russia-Ukraine war to the Organization of Turkish States, we see this person’s phrase as foreign policy as a waste.


We know that the breath we spend on this person who cannot open a field like the Presidency for himself is wasted. We are responding to show that all public officials, from the teacher to the police, from the health worker to the farmer, whom he accuses unfairly, unlawfully, immorally and recklessly, are not unclaimed. None of them are unclaimed, we are next to and behind them. We intervene heavily for those who look from the outside and think that all kinds of lies and slander can be circulated in Turkey. We don’t want to lose all hope. We are delighted that this person has announced for the first time that he is preparing to unveil a vision.

If the opposition is sincere about positive politics, I promise from the AK Party group. We will not put any of their shortcomings on their faces. We will not go over any of their weaknesses. We will not make fun of any of their blunders. Turkey is very tired of the old style of politics. Our youth do not want politics based on fanaticism, ranting without support. We have roses, but we also have maces. Whoever he wants, we will meet him.”


After President Erdoğan’s group meeting speech, Nazilli Mayor Kürşat Engin Özcan joined the AK Party. President Erdogan gave Özcan his badge.


Answering the questions after the group meeting, President Erdoğan said, ‘Will there be a meeting with Assad and Sisi?’ answered the question. “It may be possible, there will be no resentment or resentment in politics,” Erdogan said.

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