Bride angered David Beckham! The last straw that overflows the glass…

A source who spoke to the Daily Mail explained the reason for this as follows: “The Peltz family is a traditional family. They wanted to have a single wedding in their own magnificent mansion with a beach and a pier.” According to the same source, the person who weighs in on this issue is also the bride. Nicola‘s mother, a former model, was Claudia Heffner Peltz. Anne Peltz took full control of this issue and made a series of decisions. These did not include a second wedding for her daughter and son-in-law. It was her decision that Nicola and Brooklyn would marry only one wedding. As a result, events developed in this way.
Victoria BeckhamAccording to these allegations, he has different thoughts about his bride. A source close to the Beckham family told Heat magazine about Victoria’s view of her bride: “Victoria doesn’t think Nicola is the sweet girl she once knew.” Again, according to this source, Victoria’s thoughts about her bride Nicola are not limited to this. According to Victoria, Nicola wasn’t as famous as she is today before she met Brooklyn. She was of course the daughter of a wealthy family and she was an actress who acted in small movies. But her fame skyrocketed after she married Brooklyn Beckham.

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By Peter Kavinsky

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