Bruno Schulz art shop opened in Drohobych

Bruno Schulz’s store opened in Drohobych as part of a Polish-Ukrainian project.

This is reported press office Drohobych City Council, reports Ukrinform.

It is noted that Drohobych and its Polish sister city Bitom have jointly carried out a cultural project in memory of the world-famous artist Bruno Schulz – they have opened shops in his memory. In Drohobych Blue-eyed Dream Shop – that’s the name of the art installation – appeared on November 19, on the day of the writer’s 80th birthday in the park opposite the university. Bruno Schulz once studied in this room.

Bruno Schulz bank opened in Drohobych as part of a Polish-Ukrainian project / Drohobych City Council

A similar store was ceremoniously opened a month ago in Bytom, Poland. There it was installed in the newly created “Meetings” park. In general, 2022 in Bytom has been declared the year of the memory of Bruno Schulz – therefore creative performances, exhibitions and discoveries are regularly held in the city.

In Drohobych, the commemorative event was attended by many guests from Poland, in particular Natalia Rudchik, Consul of the Republic of Poland in Lvov.

“Bruno Schulz is the bridge that unites three great nations: Jewish, Polish and Ukrainian. The opening of memory stores in Bytom and Drohobych lays a stone for the future development of all of Europe. With the opening of shops in memory of Bruno, we are also holding the artistic front,” says Taras Kuchma, head of the Drogobych community.

Blue-Eyed’s Dream Shop is based on the work of Bruno – in particular Schulz’ painting “The Meeting” and the story “Republic of Dreams”. Bruno’s sofa is made of Corten steel, which is covered with a natural patina layer under the influence of sunlight and air.

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The commemorative event continued within the walls of the Pedagogical University – there, with a solemn panel “Ars longa – a living presence, hope: on the 80th anniversary of Bruno Schulz’s death” they opened the annual literary and artistic project “Second Autumn “, which takes place in Drohobych in honor of the memory of the famous artist.

Bruno Schulz (July 12, 1892 – November 19, 1942, Drohobych) was a Polish writer and artist of Jewish descent. He wrote his works in Polish. Literary critics equated Bruno Schulz’s books with the works of Marcel Proust and Franz Kafka. Bruno Schulz’s posthumous glory is world class. All his work can be considered as a reminder of the impressions and experiences he gained from his childhood, passing into a patriarchal Jewish family in Drohobych – a city in Galicia with its certain way of life, traditions and rituals.

The most famous literary works are “Cinnamon Shops” and “Sanatorium under Clepsydra”.

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