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In this case, the classic procedure would be to grow trees. Uruguayan architect Santiago Fernandez and Brazilian architect Candida Tabetov wanted to avoid this, so they tried to do it differently. And the gradual collection of architecture awards, even minimal in the selection in the competition, shows that their only professional audience was interested.

The birds gathered the villas like a small village village, a gated community that took up about half the space and kept everyone to themselves. The orientation of the buildings helps as much privacy as possible and also develops genius loci in the backyard between the houses. Each of them managed to reach one of the tall trees.

According to the architect’s documents, the villas should be duplexes, that is, in American America, a common type of semi-detached house with a different apartment on each floor. The floor plans show that it is a spacious villa with a spacious common ground, in which both rooms not only offer a glass connection to the garden, but also the roof on the first floor and the attic. At the foot are rooms with a private bathroom.

Surprisingly, luxury villas of this size do not have a garage, but a single wall parking space. Satellite images still do not indicate that this would not happen and that the backyard would be suitable for parking


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