Bulgaria explained why the president did not support the declaration of European countries on Ukraine’s accession to NATO

Bulgarian President Rumen Radev did not want to join the statement by the leaders of nine countries of Central and Eastern Europe on Ukraine’s membership in NATO: he says that a peaceful settlement between Ukraine and Russia is needed first.

This publication reported: BNR referring to the response of the press service of the President of Bulgaria to a request from journalists, Ukrinform reports.

They explained that Radev does not endorse the full text of the statement adopted by a number of European countries, but supports other views set out in the document.

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The presidential government said that Bulgaria is part of the declaration of the NATO summit in Bucharest in 2008 on Ukraine’s imminent accession to the Alliance, but this declaration was adopted “in a completely different security environment”.

“Military operations on the territory of Ukraine today require that discussion of its Alliance membership take place in the full composition of the North Atlantic Council and do not risk direct involvement of NATO countries in the war,” Radev said. press. service said.

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They added that the decision on Ukraine’s accession to NATO should be accepted only after the development of clear parameters for a peaceful settlement of the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, to be accepted and implemented by the two states.

By Peter Kavinsky

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