Bullfighter Manuel Diaz “El Cordobes” retires in 2023.

Madrid (EFE) – Bullfighter Manuel Diaz “El Cordobes” has announced in a press release that he will permanently retire from the bullfighting ring next season in 2023, coinciding with the thirtieth anniversary of his alternative.

Díaz, who will turn 55 on June 30 – the very age set by the Social Security Service for the retirement of bullfighters – accepted the alternative in Seville on April 11, 1993 from the hands of Curro Romero and has remained active ever since. , albeit with some interruption.

Bullfighter Manuel Diaz "Cordovan" is retiringBullfighter Manuel Diaz "Cordovan" is retiring
Bullfighter Manuel Diaz “El Cordobes” in an image file. EFE/Alberto Morante

The Madrid-born Arganda del Rey bullfighter’s longest career break came after a major operation on his right hip that forced him to stop fighting from 2018 until 2021 when he reappeared in Sanlúcar from Barrameda (Cádiz) . ).

The statement ensures that “after a life dedicated to and for the bull, the right-hander will spend his last active season at the major fairs where he grew up and established himself as one of the most important bullfighters in recent years.”

Likewise, the already recognized son of a bullfighter with the same nickname, which marked an era in the sixties, is grateful to “all the people and professionals who accompanied him during this period: family, parents, colleagues, ranchers, businessmen. and silver bullfighters.

By Peter Kavinsky

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