Candidates for the castle took out billboards. They could be seen with Nerudov, Pavel and Babi | House


Only one Nerudov billboard stands trial, in Prague at the Thomayer Hospital in Kri. With full commitment of this hundred campaign afterwards in December. He sees billboards as an integral part of campaigns, he doesn’t want to underestimate their role, but he doesn’t ignore them either.

For me personally, meeting people and such open topics are more complex than answering a password on a billboard, said Danue Nerudov, the former rector of Mendel University in Brno.

Billboards and other offline areas are a standard part of campaigns for us, used to reach people who don’t use the Internet as much, said Tereza Hromdkov, spokeswoman for General Petar Pavla’s campaign. At the moment there is only one version of the billboard, but the release revealed that Pavlov’s dark path with the fact that an updated version will be released – I choose to go with a different message.

Andrej Babia’s billboards can be seen in different versions – one depicts the Prime Minister and fa ANO as a friendly man, the other as a crisis manager overcoming a problem.

Bata and Janeek also have billboards

SPD deputy Jaroslav Bata also bet on billboards, a pre-election classic at a time when famous campaigns moved to the internet and social media, his pre-election slogan is Mr and live a normal life. No wolf and I wake up.

The billboards are scattered all over the country in key cities of individual regions. This week it will be dark with the distribution of flights to mailboxes, SPD spokeswoman Barbora Astn told

Billboards with the slogan “Freedom and Responsibility” by entrepreneur and mathematician Karel Janeek. He sees it as a complement, an appeal to meetings with citizens, his media representative Nikol Klevcovov told

Some candidates don’t have billboards. At the moment we can only think of putting up a billboard, Jan Toll told the primary election team of the trade union center of the MKOS Josef Stedula. According to Karel Kivan, who helped former rector of Charles University Tom Zim as an assistant, there will be some billboards, but also in December. Yes, then with them. They are part of the presentation, wrote in an email to Zima.

It will depend on the money that accumulates on the transparent site. So far we don’t have a single billboard, Senator Pavel Fischer told MF DNES. I don’t think billboards contribute to responsible decision-making. On the contrary, presidential candidate Marek Hiler insisted.

For the first round of the presidential election on January 13 and 14, candidates can spend up to 40 million kroner, to advance to the second round of the election in the fall, which can be held thirteen days later, another up to 10 million kroner.


By Peter Kavinsky

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