Cantabria has recorded 11 deaths in 2440 traffic accidents.

Santander (EFE).- In Cantabria, as of November this year, 2,440 road accidents were registered, in which eleven people died and 96 had to be hospitalized.

This is evident from the data provided this Monday by Government Delegate Ainoa Quiñones in an act commemorating the Day of Remembrance for Road Traffic Victims.

The event was held under the slogan “Remember, support, act” in memory of the victims of human trafficking at the gates of the headquarters of the Cantabrian government delegation.

Also in attendance were the provincial head of traffic, José Miguel Tolosa, and the Cantabrian president’s minister, Paula Fernández.

In statements to reporters, Quiñones reiterated that the agencies must continue to work together as long as there are traffic casualties.

“These figures reflect the presence of vulnerabilities, especially in the area of ​​pedestrians and motorcyclists, and it is on them that all the campaigns that we carry out from the General State Office should be focused,” said the government delegate in Cantabria.

The Minister of the Presidium of the Government of Cantabria stressed the importance of continuing to work “in concert”, as has been done so far, because it is “fundamental” in an emergency or in the face of traffic accidents.

Likewise, he urged the public ahead of the arrival of bad weather in the region, in connection with which he asked for “much more” caution on the road.

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Over 3000 accidents in 2021

According to him, traffic accidents are a “real pandemic” as there were 89,862 accidents in Spain last year, with 1533 deaths at the time of the accident or up to 30 days after, with 7,784 people required to be hospitalized and 110,378 injured.

While there were 3,074 accidents in Cantabria in 2021, in which 15 people died at the time of the accident, 118 people were hospitalized and 1,187 injuries did not require hospitalization.

“On this day, we pay tribute to all these people who died and were injured in traffic accidents, as well as their relatives and friends,” the manifesto of firefighter 112 says, after which a minute of silence was observed for all those who died in the fire. Road.

In addition, the institutions paid tribute to the emergency services, 112, firefighters, police and civil protection, road workers and medical workers who deal with the “traumatic” consequences of traffic accidents.

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