Christian Lee says blocking out distractions is key to his recent success

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Peter Kavinsky

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MMA sensation Christian Lee is unbothered these days as he begins his second reign as the ONE lightweight world champion.

Now older, wiser, and armed with the lessons of his first term as king of the ONE Championship 170-pound division, Lee has found a way to block out all outside noise and focus only on what matters most.

The 24-year-old Singaporean-American star has found solace in two things: quality training and family ties. Everything else is just a distraction he can’t afford at this point.

Speaking to ONE Championship in an exclusive interview, Lee opened up on the secrets behind his latest success. The United MMA and Evolve MMA fighter was able to overcome his personal demons and overthrow his former impersonator Ok Rae Yoon to reclaim his lost world title at ONE 160 last August.

Christian Lee shared:

“It was great. For me, I don’t really care too much about social media anyway. I just spent all my time focused on training. The rest of my time was spent with my family. I I have more than enough.I have my hands full of chasing after my one year old granddaughter, spending time at home with my wife and daughter, then hitting the gym and working out. I’m really focused, blocking out all distractions and just focusing on the task at hand.

“The Warrior” admitted his initial unanimous decision loss to Ok last year left him in a dark place. Lee felt that he did everything right and did enough to win, but still came out the loser somehow.

He took nearly a year off after that setback to realign his priorities. Lee fired a completely different monster and annihilated Ok with a brutal two-round pounding.

‘The Warrior’ made sure the judges were out of the equation this time around, as he knocked out his South Korean rival with a barrage of hard knees.

Christian Lee is inspired by his daughter Alia Mae

Christian Lee has another reason why he’s so calm and content these days. The joys of fatherhood have done wonders for both his personal life and his MMA career.

Lee and his wife Katie welcomed Alia Mae last year, and they couldn’t be happier. His wife and daughter were even present at the indoor stadium in Singapore, when “The Warrior” took back what was his against Ok.

In the same interview with ONE, Christian Lee shared how important it was to him to have his family cheer him on:

“Having them there, having them involved in the whole process just helped take a big weight off my shoulders, take the pressure off, just so I could relax and be a dad all fight week. Then when it came to fight night, just focus on the fight, on the task at hand. And then immediately, I was able to become a dad again.

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